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When Bindiya jumps into the well to save Dadi, Payal stops hearing her fall. She then runs to call for help. She asks Dadi to hold a rope and climb up. Dadi could not hold the rope. Payal tries to seek help from the villagers, but nobody believes her. She climbs up and tells Dadi to hold the rope, saying she will pull her up. Bindiya sees a tractor coming and lies in front of it, thinking she needs to twist her finger. She tries to get up, but falls down again.

A tractor driver sees Bindiya on the ground. She tries to pull Dadi up, but the rope tears, so she ties it many times to make rope. She is about to fall, but the tractor driver comes and lifts her up. They bring her home.

All the villagers gather there as Master ji thanks Bindiya for her courage that helped save Dadi. Bindiya and Payal are worried about Dadi. Bindiya blames herself for not being cautious and waits for the Doctor to arrive from the City. A neighbour asks them for food, but Bindiya refuses. She encounters a fat woman who believes she is a doctor.

Her neighbour says she is Kaki’s daughter Phoolwati. She calls her husband Bhim who is very lean. Phoolwati asks Bhim to beat the guy who touched her, thinking she was a doctor. Phoolwati fights with a lady. Bhim says Phoolwati is delicate.

Dadi’s condition worsens when Indiya tries to get help. The doctor comes to the hospital. Phoolwati falls and blames Bindiya. Master ji saves Bindiya from Phoolwati. Phoolwati orders Master ji and the other guy to go. The doctor tells Dadi she has pneumonia and she needs to take antibiotics. She tells the sasural that she is her daughter and will take good care of her well, and has left her daughter Rose to her inlaws to come here.

The doctor asks for fees. Phoolmati breaks Payal’s piggy bank and gets all the money. Payal finds a coin and picks it up. Bhim takes it away from her. Phoolwati and her husband give the coins to the doctor. Payal cries and says that she had been saving it for years.

Bindiya and Payal are shocked as Phoolmati blames them for her brother and sister-in-law’s death and now for landing Dadi in this condition. She takes the house keys and vows there will be no change against her wish. Bindiya says she doesn’t care about the money, and Payal says if Dadi was fine she would have scolded Bua. Payal says I had saved it.

When Phoolmati asks them to make food, they find the food plate kept by the neighbour. Bindiya says we will keep 2 rotis for ourselves and give Bua the rest. Payal refuses, so Phoolmati takes both plates.

They finish having the food. Bhim says he can’t eat more, one roti left, and asks if he will give it to the kids. Phoolmati says no, and puts all the roti in her mouth. Then she calls the girls and asks them to wash the utensils. Bindiya sets their bed and thinks of their past days. Phoolmati scolds them. Payal gets an idea.

At midnight, Phoolmati punishes the girls and throws them outside the house. Later, she stops them from going to school and throws away their bags.

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