Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th March 2024 Written Episode: Seerat’s Plan and Angad’s Struggle


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Seerat tells Angad that the face would be of a man he selected, but the body would be of someone else/him. She asks him to congratulate her. He refuses. Angad writhes in pain and congratulates her. He asks when she is going to marry. Seerat says soon, but before that, she has a lot to finish, thinking she will change his face and mentality completely, make him her dear one, and take him far away from Sahiba.

He has an important role in her wedding, so she says he will be present. Angad shouts why would he, what is she up to, why did she push him down to the basement, why there are medical equipments in basemen, what happened to the doctor she mentioned. Seerat says that he will soon get an answer to all her questions.

Sahiba and the Brar ladies continue their search for Angad’s whereabouts. Manveer praises Sahiba for involving them instead of going alone. Together, they decide to comb the surrounding area for any possible clues. Meanwhile, Seerat forcefully takes a sample of Angad’s blood and gives him a sleeping pill. However, Angad quickly removes the pill once she leaves and worries about Sahiba’s safety. Finally, Sahiba spots Angad’s shoes and immediately informs the rest of the family. Prabjot advises them not to touch it and suggests calling the police since they have sniffing dogs who can track Angad with the scent from his shoe. Jasleen calls Garry and asks him to inform Inspector Bhist about their findings.

Manveer’s condition worsens, and she faints. She is quickly taken to a nearby cottage, where the doctor performs tests and collects a blood sample. When Manveer regains consciousness, she calls out for Angad but is surprised to see Garry by her side instead. Garry advises her to stay calm and assures her that he will contact the police and bring sniffer dogs to help with their search. Manveer insists on joining him, but Sahiba convinces her to rest since Angad wouldn’t want to see her in this state when he returns. Eventually, Jasleen stays with Manveer while Sahib, Garry, and Prabjot leave the room.

Seerat provides her aide with a list of goods to fetch from the market before requesting him to have the blood sample tested. As her aide departs, Angad observes them and ponders why Seerat wanted his blood tested and her intentions. He then returns to his bed, securing his hands behind his back. After retrieving a blade from the basement, he conceals it in his pocket and reminisces about obtaining it. Meanwhile, Prabjot and Sahiba travel to the pharmacy to get Manveer’s medication. During their conversation, Sahiba expresses her doubts about the man living in that house and suggests meeting his wife. Prabjot inquires how she plans to do so, prompting Sahiba to suggest one potential method.


The boy asks Sahiba to wake up so they can find Baba. He disappears. Sahiba touches her stomach, revealing she is pregnant.

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