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To identify Garry’s dead body, Angad and Sahiba enter the morgue room. A dead body is unidentifiable, Sahiba says, how can he be sure that this is Garry’s dead body? Sahiba asks the same. Inspector shows him the items found at the accident site as well as deadboy’s body.

Angad checks them and identifies them as Garry’s. Angad confirms that it’s Garry’s dead body. He and Sahiba walk out. Seerat asks whether the dead body isn’t Garry’s? Angad says it’s Garry. Garry’s items are shown to Seerat. She wobbles. Angad holds her. She says it’s a dream, so Garry can’t be here.

She asks who will inform Jasleen. Angad says it’s true. Seerat says Garry needs to answer her many questions, so he can’t leave like this. Angad tells her to control herself. Seerat cries embracing him. Angad asks her to go out, but Seerat refuses.

Simran says she and her papa baked a cake today. Jasleen says she hates children, but Simran is a cute child, looking at Manveer. Simran says Angad and Sahiba should cut this cake, but they are not home. Manveer is taunted by Jasleen for her control over Angad after she married.

Manveer gets Sahiba’s call. Sahiba asks why she is calling. Jasleen taunts her to pick Sahiba’s call as she may want to inform her about Angad. Manveer picks call. Sahiba says she shouldn’t panic hearing what she says. Manveer asks if Angad is okay.

Jasleen, Sahiba, and Angad are standing outside a morgue when Sahiba says Angad is fine. The family gets alert and Manveer asks why they are at the morgue. Sahiba said Garry had an accident and passed away, so they came here to identify his body. Jasleen breaks down. Everyone rushes to the hospital after that.

Angad signs documents. Inspector says Garry’s last rites can be done after postmortem. Sahiba asks if they will take Garry’s body home after postmortem. After seeing the body, Angad says no. Families arrive. Jasleen becomes out of control and insists on seeing the body, saying it may be Garry’s.

Jasleen tries to see Garry’s face. Angad and Inder stop her and send the body away. Jasleen blames Sahiba for Garry’s death. Angad says that Garry’s body will be taken to the crematorium immediately after postmortem. Jasleen curses him.

It is best to perform Garry’s last rites as soon as possible for the peace of his soul. Jasleen curses Angad, Sahiba, and Seerat and asks Akaal to prevent them from attending Garry’s funeral. Akaal agrees.

The precap:

During this scene, Sahiba tells Santosh that Jasleen was unable to see Garry’s face for the last time. Jasleen blames Sahiba for the death of Garry and pushes her away. Sahiba falls on a table and is injured.

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