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The Magistrate inquires about Krishna and Bindiya’s six months together. She asks Bindiya if anything is troubling her and whether Krishna has ever touched her. Bindiya assures her there is no such issue, mentioning that even Krishna’s family members greatly respect women. When the same question is posed to Krishna, he shares the Ravan Dehen tale with her. The Magistrate notes that they both speak highly of each other and seem like the ideal couple, confusing why they seek a divorce. Nidhi informs her doctor that she will arrive in 20 minutes, while her husband adds that he will also be there.

According to Mr. Chopra, they respect each other, but marriage does not work solely on that basis. Even if given six years, Chopra claims their marriage would not work out. Chopra explains that Krishna cannot provide Bindiya with the happiness she deserves as his wife. Magistrate asks Chopra to explain. Chopra says it’s hard to explain. Magistrate asks if Krishna has any physical problems.

Payal intervenes and says Krishna does not have mental or physical ailments. The magistrate asks how she knows this. Payal says they live together, and last night, they were talking. Their relationship became one. She says Krishna didn’t want this issue brought up in front of society, so he didn’t say anything.

Payal expresses their mutual love and exclusivity. On the other hand, Krishna admits that their marriage was not his choice, and he wishes to end it now. Bindiya chimes in, recalling how she asked Krishna if he wanted to marry her before they tied the knot. She also reveals that Krishna continued to feign affection even after the initial months of their marriage. Bindiya questions why Krishna would ignore her now, after completing six pheras and being bound by marriage. The magistrate adjourns the session with another date set for further proceedings.

Krishna brings Payal out and shouts at her. He says that she did what he didn’t want to get in front of society. They begin a fight among themselves. During the next session, Chopra says he will kill Bindiya with his Brahmastra. When Krishna inquires about the weapon, he says they must prove that Bindiya is characterless in court.

The Magistrate asks Bindiya why she is fighting for this case when Krishna loves another woman and has had a physical relationship with another woman. Bindiya says she can’t let Krishna fall victim to a wicked person. The Magistrate wishes her luck. Krishna refuses to lie about Bindiya to Chopra and asks him to find another way. Payal loses her phone.


Payal is blackmailed!

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