Faltu 10th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

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During the puja, Ayaan and Faltu collide with Dada ji. He worries about Faltu and asks where she is. Dada ji replies that she has gone to Mittal house. Neil insists that I must make my way over. She messaged and phoned, urging me to be there – my apologies. He mentions that it concerns her family’s private affair. Neil asserts that my faith in Ayaan is lacking, hence my presence is imperative. Dada ji inquires how I’ll justify this to Neil, as it might wound him.

The aarti is given by Faltu to everyone. Dadi asks Faltu to be with her. Faltu replies, “I’ll come.” She leaves. Savita and Tanu taunt Neil. Faltu meets Neil. Neil says the puja is over, we’ll go. The divorce papers are requested. According to Tanu, Neil has come to take Faltu home. Ayaan asks why you are interested in them, since I’m going to my room. Faltu stops him and gives him the divorce papers signed.

Ayaan thanks, Tanu. Faltu apologizes to everyone. She says she is not alone now, Neil is with me. Everyone is stunned. She recalls asking Neil to nod to her. Dadi asks her to see Ayaan once. Ayaan says he is fine, he is happy, and there is no point in carrying a burden when the relationship is over. He cries. He wishes Faltu happiness.

Faltu affirms, “Indeed, I’ll find happiness with Neil, so please refrain from interfering.” She departs alongside Neil. Savita questions the audacity of hurting her son. Tanu remarks that she arrived here to demean Ayaan; despite everyone labelling her as a saintly figure, she too can err. Faltu admits, “I intended to evoke jealousy in Ayaan. I’m uncertain of his thoughts, thus I ask for forgiveness for my actions.”

She asks what nonsense, Neil says I love you Faltu, I feel love for you, I have learned to live again. She asks what’s the problem, can’t I love you, we are perfect for each other. She tells him to stop. She says enough, I love Ayaan.

Neil laughs and says I wasn’t serious. She says don’t make jokes like that again. He says fine, sit in the car. He gets sad and thinks I wish this was a joke, I can keep you happy. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. Tanu comes and says you must be feeling so shattered, have food with everyone. Ayaan says leave me alone. She states that Faltu has reached a conclusion, therefore, hand over the divorce documents; she’ll take care of submitting them to the court. He responds, “Just let me be.” Subsequently, she exits.

Neil addresses Faltu, “You’ve signed the divorce papers, and I hoped you’d consider my feelings.” Faltu responds, “Everything seemed alright.” Neil then expresses to Faltu that he has something to convey.

She ended her ties with Ayaan when she signed the divorce papers. Dada ji asks what. Neil says we are getting married and have invited them. Dada ji asks what nonsense? Neil says Faltu, freshen up, I’ll tell Dada ji the truth. She goes. Neil asks what’s the problem, I’m marrying Faltu. Dada ji says you’re interfering. Neil says they’re getting separated, Faltu gave Ayaan divorce papers, I’m happy for her, so I’m glad for that. He leaves.

Neil shows Faltu the wedding invitation samples. He says it’s for me and Faltu, I already have a date. Dada ji becomes worried. Kaka suggests to let Neil and Faltu decide. She comes. She says we need to check the shoes stock. Neil says this is our wedding invitation.


When Faltu’s ring falls, Ayaan picks it up and asks Neil to make Faltu wear it. Neil does so. Tanu smiles.


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