Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th October 2023 Written Episode: Shakti Saves Shiv from a Fatal Accident!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv’s cries and screams for help pierce through the air as he is on the verge of touching the electrified water. Shakti rushes to his aid, quickly entering the storeroom. As she scans the room, she notices it is filled with water. Shiv’s warning stops her in her tracks despite her intentions to enter – that thing will harm you. Amongst the lizards scattered on the floor, Shakti attempts to make her way in but is stopped by Shiv, who gets electrocuted himself. In a state of shock, memories of his previous accident flood back to him. Shakti reacts with a scream and grabs a stick nearby. She aims at the board, causing the wire to disconnect. Without hesitation, she hurries over to Shiv and tries to revive him.

Mandira arrives and contemplates the consequences of Shiv’s potential death – she would not spare Ranjan. However, Shakti intervenes and removes Shiv’s body from the room. Upon seeing this, Ranjan assumes Shiv to be deceased. Meanwhile, Shakti brings Shiv out of the room and calls for assistance. Shiv’s unconscious state takes aback the group. Manorama points out that Shakti always seems to be in trouble because of him. The others rush to Shiv while Mandira approaches Ranjan and warns him that he will be imprisoned for his involvement. In response, Ranjan reminds her that Shakti witnessed their meeting together, making her a suspect as well – advising her to distance herself from the crime scene. As the situation spirals out of control, Chacha apologizes to their guests before they depart.

All are concerned about Shiv. Raghunath is trying to call a doctor. Mandira cries out for Shiv, thinking that everything will be destroyed if anything happens to Shiv. Shakti checks Shiv’s heartbeat and says I must do something. She opens his jacket and gives chest CPR. Ranjan thinks he cannot wake up. Shakti gives him oxygen, and everyone is shocked by that. Manorama asks, what are you doing?

Shiv coughs and becomes conscious. Raghunath says she is giving him CPR, so let her do that. Shiv is getting oxygen as Shakti pumps his chest and gives him oxygen. Shakti says he is fine now; he was just unconscious. Raghunath thanks God. Keertan checks Shiv. Shakti says his pulse is regular. Dadi thanks God. Ranjan is angry and thinks Shakti saved him again. Raghunath asks Shakti how she did this.

Manorama asks Shakti how Shiv died in the room. Shakti says that there was water in the room. Shiv was electrocuted there. All are shocked. Raghunath asks who killed him. Shakti says I know. She slams Ranjan hard. Manorama asks what are you doing? Shakti says he deserves this only and should be beaten up badly. Ranjan’s mother asks what he did. Shakti says he plotted to kill Shiv. Ranjan says why would I do that?

It’s because my son is respected that he isn’t doing anything, says Ranjan’s father. Shakti says Ranjan locked Shiv in the room, started water, and put live wires there. I didn’t even know where Shiv was, and I danced during the party. She says she knows he tried to kill him. Shakti says I know it. Shakti calls the videographer and asks him to show the recording. Mandira becomes concerned about being exposed.

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