Dabangii 1st November 2023: Abhi’s Dark Secrets Unravel in a Shocking Turn of Events

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Chaya crushes the photo, asking if Dad is calling. Arya says that if I leave the village, Sonu will suffer, think about it. Chaya worries and recalls her father scolding Abhi for marrying her for property’s sake. He stabs her dad. He remembers that Abhi killed her father. She runs away from Abhi. He asks her to stop. The Flashback ends. Her father says I will tell everyone about your truth. Abhi says I regret, you won’t be able to see your grandson.

Abhi reaches his house, meets his sister Maina, and praises his parents. He says his father is upset with me, so I think I’ll convince him first. As Abhi enters the house, his father asks him to stop. Abhi’s brother says to stop. Bela Bhabhi says let it be; Abhi has returned after a long time. Abhi disagrees with his brother.

She hugs him and says you can never do this, and it might have been a mistake. He recalls telling his mum why he killed Damini’s dad. He lies to her. She asks did you kill Damini’s dad.

He apologizes, promising to turn himself in. She reassures him that he won’t have to go to jail and urges him to forget what happened. She embraces him as the flashback scene ends. Aai comes to Abhi’s defence, listing all the good things he has done over the years. Chaya manages to trick Arya into leaving by tempting her with kittens outside. As she places a flower in a pot, Aai remarks that they have everything because of Abhi/Satya. Abhi’s dad orders him to leave, but Abhi questions why he is not seen as his father and elder brother. Ankush declares that he is not his elder brother, resulting in an argument between them. Abhi confidently states that soon enough, he will gain power, and Ankush will salute him and fulfil his duties at his rallies.

I will arrest you when I get proof against you so you will see sense. Their argument continues. Arya sees the flower on the pot of a plant. It’s time for you to obey my orders, Chaya says, right, I’m telling you now for your benefit, your mother is always right. We will tell your dad as well. Arya says I’ll call him. Aai becomes angry with Ankush. Abhi says it’s okay if Ankush walks away by himself, otherwise I’ll see her, and I’ll get the family into this house.

He thinks I’m trying to find Damini to erase the last proof. As he enters his lavish house, he says I immensely like it. Aai says I paid lakhs to decorate it. Kasturi says I was a dancer before, but not now because I’m his wife. He says yes, but he has an illegitimate wife. She insults Kasturi. He says I’m glad to see you both fighting. Aai says I want my legitimate grandchild, the actual heir. He nods and says you’ll get him soon.


I will kill her if she is a girl, says Abhi. Arya argues with Abhi’s son. They fight.

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