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Suhaagan 3rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the episode begins, Baldev tells Indu and Krish that she is a real diamond. She sacrifices everything to save a stranger, so who else is she? Krish asks if it’s my fault I am here. Baldev asks if I don’t take care of my brother and sister. Baldev says if you do not have these luxuries, you will not survive even for two days. Krish says he will not die without them. He goes to his room.

Dadi refuses to eat. Bindiya tries to convince him. Rose and Phoolmati comment. Krish locks himself in the room. Sakshi and Indu knock on the door. Sakshi says she got noodles made for him. He refuses. Bindiya asks Dadi to eat food. Dadi refuses until she agrees for marriage. Vikram asks Krish to come out and resolve this. Bindiya says she will end this matter today.

Baldev smashes the door with an axe and it gives way, causing both Krish and Baldev to fall. Claiming ownership, Baldev questions why Krish is present in his house. Responding calmly, Krish tells him to keep all belongings and leaves. Indu points out Baldev’s arrogance and Dadi agrees, asking Bindiya for her opinion. Bindiya calls out to Baldev who is not responding. As Krish is leaving, he notices Baldev’s phone ringing and answers it. Mistaken for Baldev by Bindiya, Krish clarifies that he was once a big mistake and advises her to stay away as his mental state is unstable. Reporting this conversation to Dadi, Bindiya laughs at the situation while expressing her intention of ending the marriage tomorrow.

Payal prepares herself and begins to train for her future role as a good bahu. She reassures, “I won’t let you lift a finger and will take on all the household responsibilities after our marriage.” Bindiya interrupts, mentioning their upcoming wedding. Curious, she questions Payal about the clothes she’s wearing and what she was discussing. Payal reveals that she was rehearsing for a play. Doubtful, Bindiya urges her to tell the truth. After some hesitation, Payal divulges that she is in love and will be meeting her partner’s family tomorrow to finalize their marriage plans. Bindiya expresses her surprise and disappointment at not being told sooner. Payal defends herself, asking if Bindiya isn’t happy for her. To which Bindiya replies, “Your happiness is my happiness.”

She inquires about your reason for going to Lucknow- was it for further studies or to choose a potential partner? She expresses our shared aspiration for you to excel and achieve success. Payal reminds her that it was solely her dream, not Payal’s. Bindiya mentions their diligent efforts towards your education. Payal shares that if she doesn’t marry this particular guy, his family will find someone else for him, causing her immense pain. She pleas not to take away her happiness. Bindiya is overcome with emotion and reminisces about their childhood. She sheds tears and shuts her eyes. Shiv ji comforts her, urging her not to feel despondent or defeated. Bindiya expresses gratitude towards him for guiding her on the right path.

As Sakshi and Vikram prepare to head to the Krishna Leela in the morning, she playfully makes a comment about how much more loved Vikram would have been if he had been kidnapped in his childhood. Baldev quickly urges Ishwar to start the car. Suddenly, Krish arrives in his car and surprises them all by announcing that he wants to join them at the Krishna Leela and spend quality time with his family. Despite Baldev’s attempt to downplay the situation, Krish insists on joining them. Ishwar politely declines and heads off on his own. Meanwhile, Payal is riding in an auto and strategizing a plan to win over Krish’s family with her charm and simplicity. She takes a selfie, confident that even Bindiya’s efforts will pale in comparison. As Baldev’s family arrives at the venue, they see dancers performing to a Kisna song. Krish excitedly joins in the dancing while Bindiya makes her entrance.


Bindiya and Krish collide, but they are unable to see each other’s faces. Payal tells Bindiya that she cannot take her with her because they feel that I am an orphan.

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