Barsatein 7th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kadambari Receives a Shocking Proposal


Barsatein 7th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

When Kadambari asks for her phone, she goes. Vikram asks Pooja to keep the file. Kadambari says sorry, I forgot my phone. She promises to listen to you. Vivek calls her. Vivek says Mr Singhania is not coming. She wonders who is here. Pooja is told not to touch this file, it is crucial, it contains all the evidence.

She says okay, nothing is challenging for Reyansh to find out, and if he is involved, he will find it easier to sabotage the truth. Mr Kumar did the same and saved himself by blaming others. It is easy for people like Reyansh, Pooja says. I am a childhood friend with him, he is a lovely man, he won’t do this, he goes to the bathroom. She checks the file and takes pictures.

She is shocked to see Viren. He says I’ve come to meet you. She says I’ve told you I don’t want to meet you. He thinks I’d like you to talk and listen to me. She doesn’t. He says I left Malini, and we separated mutually. Pooja deletes her old pictures. Vikram asks her why she is deleting our holiday pictures. She says memory was full. He says to delete your solo photos. She worries.

Your family was so happy with you when you left Malini, but Viren says everything got shattered. Malini had hidden something big. She had a child before marriage. How did I feel hearing this big cheat? Something wrong happened to me. But she was your family. He says the matter is significant. It’s about faith. We lost Kimaya. It felt like I had lived a fake life and loved you.

When she asks what you want, he says your support, I want to start a new life with you, will you help me? Vikram says you are cheating me. Pooja says you need to hear me out once. He says you like Kartik Aryan. I’m your husband. She thinks I’ll delete his photos. He says you like him, I’m your spouse. She thinks I’ll do it.

He takes the file and goes. Viren says I did the best for my daughters; you have done a great deal for Reyansh. Kadambari says don’t talk about Vivek, he has always supported me and I will support him, I will never leave him. But why do you love me, not him? She says Vivek asked me again for marriage, I agreed, but I didn’t go there, because I had seen you, I always wanted you, but time and circumstance decide our lives, so I’m just of him now.

He says he only loved you and wanted to spend his life with you, but… She says I learned love from you, but what is love from Vivek? I’m sorry. He leaves. Varun and Akash talk to Nita about Reyansh. She says we should blast his office. Jagruti says everyone is plotting today, and you have fewer days in this house. Nita scolds her. She leaves. Aradhana meets Kadambari.

Kadambari says I’m so glad to meet you, Vivek, and I will come home and take you. Reyansh has changed. Your love has changed him. Aradhana says sometimes, who we love can be wrong. I have indeed understood love, and I know that you have tolerated a great deal in life, so marrying Reyansh will be the best decision you have ever made.

She says Reyansh isn’t true to me. Kadambari hugs her. Aradhana gets a call. Pooja shows Aradhana the photos. She says I couldn’t take more. Aradhana says we need strong evidence. Pooja says you think Reyansh is involved.

This accident and drug case are linked, Aradhana says. Pooja says don’t worry; I will help you. Vikram comes with the file. He says Aradhana, I can call you Bhabhi. He takes another file and goes. The lights go out. Aradhana wonders if Reyansh came. He takes another file and goes.


Reyansh says to arrest Jai. Kadambari says someone kidnapped Aradhana. Jai disagrees.

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