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Sahiba asks why she realized her love for Angad now, and Seerat says she made a mistake by running from the wedding and cannot bear the burden of her mistake for the rest of her life. Love happens whenever it has to and the heart wants whatever it wants, so no one can stop it. Sahiba says she should be ashamed of herself for loving her sister’s husband. Sahiba sat in her place and married a man she had to marry.

Sahiba admits that she is causing her harm. Seerat argues that it’s only natural since Sahiba was forced into marriage with Angad, and such relationships are bound to crumble eventually. She insists that this isn’t just an idle opinion, as she witnessed Sahiba confess her love for Angad at the farm house while he remained silent. According to Seerat, Sahiba needs to stop listening to Japjyoth and others who claim that she and Angad are meant to be together, and instead leave him as soon as possible. In response, Sahiba asks Seerat to leave and never come back, unable to bear the sight of her. Seerat fulfills her request by departing from their presence.

In a conversation near the pool, Angad calls Sahiba and finds her number unreachable. Sahiba asks why did Angad show her fairytale dreams and act as if he is trying to propose her repeatedly when he doesn’t love her. He thinks he did all that because he loves her and will apologize and propose before the party starts. Sahiba looks at the gifts and letters Angad gave her and breaks down. He finds her number unreachable again.

Sahiba thinks she really doesn’t know whether she values to Angad or not, whether he did all that by heart or if he was just acting, as a song play in the background. A maid informs Sahiba that the party will begin soon. Sahiba doesn’t say anything. Power goes out. Angad thinks he should personally propose to Sahiba.

Japjyoth requests the maid to turn on the generator since the power is out and it could be a negative omen. Angad joins in and asks when she started believing in such things. Japjyoth explains that recent events have made her more cautious and worried about any further misfortunes. She then questions why he didn’t pick up Sahiba from college earlier. Angad notices Sahiba passing by and remarks that the lights are off because their daughter-in-law is upset. To which, Japjyoth instructs him to go and cheer her up. Angad heads to the terrace and mistakes Seerat, who is standing there, for Sahiba. He regrets his previous behavior and thinks he should have been kinder to her. Meanwhile, Seerat wonders if Angad is regretful for his actions towards her earlier. Unbeknownst to them, Sahiba observes them from behind.

Angad continues to express his deep love for Sahiba, stating that she is his entire world. He has come to the realization that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and cannot imagine a single moment without her by his side. Hearing this, Sahiba is heartbroken. Seerat believes she was right all along and that Angad’s true feelings are for her, despite her marriage to Garry. Angad confesses that he initially saw Sahiba as his responsibility, but now understands that she is his true love. However, Sahiba thinks Angad’s words are confirmation of his love for Seerat. Meanwhile, Seerat remains silent as Angad apologizes for his past behavior and pleads for her to reciprocate his feelings.

Angad offers to turn back so that Seerat can approach him and convey her emotions silently. Seerat responds with a soft hum. However, before Angad turns around, Sahiba quietly walks away. When Angad asks Seerat to speak up and begins counting, she goes towards him while Sahiba runs off in tears. Just as he is about to stop her, Angad realizes that he has not yet apologized to Sahiba. He then turns his attention to Seerat, apologizing for keeping her in the dark and promising never to do so again. Together, they vow to prove their worth as an ideal couple chosen by destiny and gain the approval of their families.


Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only until here and leaves with her bag. She returns keys to Japjyoth and says she cannot fulfill the family’s responsibility that she was given. Japjyoth asks what is the matter. Sahiba walks out of the house and says she should ask Angad.

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