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The Episode begins with Bhim telling Phoolwati that he is tired of dealing with Bindiya. Phoolwati tells him she hasn’t signed yet and asks him to deal with her. Despite his best efforts, you couldn’t get the thumb impression on the papers by now. He turns and sees Bindiya standing. She thinks Bua and Phupha Ji are together. Phoolwati asks him to handle her.

Payal, feeling content after taking a shampoo bath, is in a cheerful mood. However, Rekha approaches and scolds her for using half a bottle of shampoo. Payal becomes upset and starts crying, expressing her desire to go back home. Just then, Madan arrives and requests Rekha to forgive Payal for her actions.

Madan asks Rekha to have patience because Payal is the key to getting a house and farm. He says why they haven’t called Payal yet. Rekha says Payal insists on coming back. Madan says Payal will say she doesn’t want to come back.

She emotionally blackmails Amma into signing the papers. Amma says she will sign them if the other villagers sign them, but she isn’t thinking right. Then, a villager asks Phoolwati if she got her thumb impression to sell the farm or not. Phoolwati says just a few minutes.

He shocks Amma when she hears her. Phoolwati asks her to take a thumb impression. Amma refuses, saying it is Bindiya and Payal’s farm. The buyer calls again. Phoolwati tells Amma she will deal with him first. Bindiya pushes Bhim while Bhim searches for her behind her. The basket appears as she runs.

Phoolwati calls Bhim. Bhim takes the call and asks her to handle the work. Phoolwati says Bindiya won’t come in my way. Bhim says ok. Bindiya gets inside the basket and hides. Bhim gets there and asks the fruit seller if there’s a little girl there. The fruit seller says she went with her mother. Bhim looks inside the basket, but the fruit seller asks him to take a look at the other side. Bindiya runs away from there.

Rekha asks Bindiya to have 2 minutes noodles. Payal disagrees. Rekha admits, “It was my mistake to consider you as my daughter.” She emotionally blackmails her and asks for forgiveness. Payal hugs her. Madan thinks she is acting well. As soon as he enters, he asks Payal to finish the noodles because they are going on an outing.

The buyer refuses to drink tea and asks for papers. Phoolwati tells him to come back after 2 hours. Bindiya sees Bhim coming and hides. Madan drives Rekha and Payal in the car, and during the journey, Rekha coldly remarks that nobody is missing Payal. In response, Payal asserts that she doesn’t miss them either. Madan suggests that they will head to Belapur.

However, when Payal is unable to provide the money for the bus fare, Madan refuses to let her board. To make amends, Payal offers him candy floss, urging him to take it for his children.

As the bus starts to depart, Bhim spots Amma on the rooftop. He calls out to her, but Phoolwati restrains Amma and forcefully obtains her thumb impression. Bhim manages to get on the bus and discovers Amma’s bottle. Worried, he disembarks and asks if anyone has seen her.


Bhim chases Bindiya. Madan is threatened with taking away his wife and Palak if he doesn’t repay in time. Bindya gets off the bus, and Bhim follows her.

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