Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 18th March 2024 Written Episode: Family Tensions and Dream Projects

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As he enters the room, Hemraj circles Dhawal’s name from the list. Hemraj says he’s been waiting for him and wondering if he could take a big risk. He then gets the answer that the person who thinks like a businessman wants him to see him. Seeing his name circled, Dhawal says he was shocked, saying Hemraj said he wouldn’t blame him without proof. Hemraj explains that everyone went to sleep, but Jigar panicked and came to meet him.

Dhawal attempted to explain, but Hemraj interjected that Dhawal would try to prove his innocence. Dhawal clarified that he held no negative feelings towards his elder brother, as evidenced by his willingness to apologize. He then revealed that Hemraj had taken and hidden the passport, which he had witnessed. In response, Dhawal questioned whether Hemraj believed his son was foolish enough not to figure out why the passport was missing. This caused a rift between them, something Dhawal wanted to avoid escalating further.

Hemraj replies that Naren would not have gone to America. Dhawal asks if making a duplicate passport and even filing a report is easy. Hemraj says he was trying to buy time for it. Dhawal explains that there are still many procedures left, including the interview, and that nobody wants Naren sent away, especially him since he realizes Naren’s business sense, but he is still willing to apologize.

While everyone is waiting, Hemraj takes Dhawal outside angrily. Hemraj claims they would have realized that the person he has been seeking is no other than Dhawal. In his view, Dhawal has made a mistake, but his intentions were not wrong because he did not want the differences to increase. Hemraj says he has kept the family together, and Dhawal has tried to do the same.

As Naren clasps Dhawal’s hand, he expresses gratitude for his uncle’s efforts to mend their relationship. However, he remains determined to bridge the gap between himself and his father. Still, he plans to depart for Mumbai today due to his concern for the well-being of all involved parties. Despite Virel’s attempt to dissuade him, Naren acknowledges that everyone has their reasons, but he must follow his path. He asks for forgiveness if possible and urges them to care for themselves. Hemraj receives an incoming call, and a smile spreads across his face before he departs.

The politician converses with the people, sharing that their party has succeeded and expressing his hope for continued success. Just then, a worker arrives with news of Hemraj Ratansi’s arrival. The politician warmly embraces Hemraj, who explains his need for support and appointment. Hemraj then reveals his plan to build a diamond factory on Arjun Khemji’s land. As they discuss the project further, Hemraj also mentions his dream of developing a township, which involves purchasing all available land. However, he faces opposition from six landowners who are reluctant to sell. Despite not believing in using force, Hemraj assures the politician that he will exhaust all options to complete the project. Encouraged by this assurance, Arjun Khemji agrees to work with them, and they seal the deal with a handshake.

As Naren packs his bag, he glances at Nandini’s portrait before leaving. Chanchal and Heta are there with him, and he embraces his emotional mother. She hands him his passport, and he responds that he already has it. Chanchal also asks him to take her passport, expressing her desire to accompany him. However, Naren reminds her that she can’t join him. Chanchal turns to Heta and remarks on how Naren used to hold onto her saree when he was younger but is now leaving as an adult. Naren reassures his mother not to cry, explaining that things have changed and she now has other responsibilities to take care of. He reassures her that this is just for a job interview. Chanchal adds that she has the right to shed tears in this situation.

Chanchal hugs Naren when he gets a call, worried because Chanchal tells him it’s Nandini. When Nandini says she is pleased, Naren answers that he is going to Mumbai, but when Nandini asks him if he ended the plan, Naren doesn’t understand. Nandini informs Naren that Mehul came to her stating that his father asked him and her uncle to come to Rajkot to fix the relations, and Naren throws the bag to his friend after telling him he will speak to her later.

As Naren stands, his friend questions whether he has informed Nandini about his trip to Mumbai. He responds by clarifying that he is not going anywhere and proceeds to head back inside. Jigar discusses with Dhawal how their duties will multiply, but they assure each other of their ability to manage. However, Naren suddenly rushes in and announces that his father has summoned Ishwar and Mehul to finalize Nandini’s wedding date. This revelation sparks anger from Dhawal and Jigar. Chanchal interjects, stating her intention to inform Baa of the news.

Anousya Baa asks Chanchal if she is crying when she takes the blessings, and Chanchal replies. Baa says she rejoices when the children win from their father, but she tells Chanchal that a wife wins with her husband. Anousya Baa says that the girl who humiliated her father-in-law before she came would do a lot more when she was at their house.

Surbhi is receiving food from Nandini, who says she is delighted. Visakha asks how the girl who got her married is living like this. Mitesh says Nandini needs to prepare to cry. Mehul advises her to take his blessings. Visakha comes with Nandini to the farm because the news needs to be shared with her mother. After receiving permission from her uncle, Manri is concerned about how Hemraj easily accepted the proposal.

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