Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd May 2023 Written Update


She feels sorry for Manveer because the DIL she chose eloped and the one she got as her DIL looks like a maid. Pamela asks Manveer why she didn’t inform him that he’d gone through so much. Sahiba says it’s okay since their reaction was obvious seeing her as different from Brars and she doesn’t mind.

Pamela praises Sahiba for her calm and reserved behaviour, saying she is just like Angad, and Manveer shouts if her explanation is over, she should go from there. The Sahiba promises to get Pamela some snacks and tea again. Pamela agrees.

Angad walks to Shiba and asks what she is doing and who she is. Shiba is definitely not what he expected. He asks why she came in front of guests and served them tea. If he saw his aunt and cousin’s behaviour, he should have questioned them. Sahiba asks her to forget everything and concentrate on her goal. She responds that she is doing the same and asks what he is doing in the kitchen.

In response, Angad asks how dare she question him, since it’s his house and he can go wherever he wants. Sahiba asks if that’s the case and asks him to prepare snacks himself. Angad becomes nervous and instructs her to complete her task. When he doesn’t consider anything to him, why is he wandering around him? Angad says to keep an eye on him.

She feels pain in her injury. Angad scolds her for her carelessness and applies a cold pack to it. Sahiba says he is not keeping an eye on who he should, he would have spied on Garry instead.

Gurleen notices them and performs their nazar. She writhes in pain. He says sorry and asks when she endured so much, can’t she tolerate some pain? They look at each other. The serial’s title track plays in the background. Gurleen notices their gazes and performs their nazar. Then Japjyoth asks Pamela if she remembers them. Pamela says a lot, but she was busy. She expresses her desire to fix Shanaya and Garry’s alliance before she returns to London.

Jasleen says Shanaya and Garry are childhood friends and their jodi would look perfect. Pamela feels happy and asks Garry if he has any objections. She praises Garry and asks Japjyoth if they can proceed with this issue since she will be tension-free if Shanaya gets married here. Angad and Sahiba walk over.

In shock, Jasleen tells Angad that his brother’s alliance has been fixed with Shanaya. She orders Sahiba to bring sweets. The maid brings sweets. Jasleen feeds her sweets to Pamela and congratulates her. She asks Pamela when is her husband coming to India, and did she discuss it with him. Jasleen replies she will decide about it a long time in advance.

Garry receives Seerat’s call and disconnects it. Seerat feels angry. Sahiba feeds sweets to Garry and congratulates him. Angad and Garry bonded from childhood. Shanaya wants to go on a date with Garry. Garry agrees. He gets Seerat’s call again, turns to the balcony, and picks it up.

Garry says they will not meet today. Seerat says her family is getting an alliance for her. Garry congratulates her and suggests they marry. She cannot imagine marrying anyone else than him and insists he meets her today itself. He asks her to come to Green Eve Garden in the evening and disconnects his call. Sahiba hears him.

While trying to leave, Seerat pauses to see Santosh in the kitchen. She asks Santosh what she is doing. Sahiba replies that she is washing utensils since guests are coming to visit Seerat. Sanoths falls for Seerat’s trick and goes to her room. Seerat silently leaves the house. Veer walks to Sahiba and asks if she wants to talk.

It is Sahiba who tells Veer she is going to Green Eve Garden and she asks him not to tell anyone about it. Veer asks what she should do and Sahiba says there is a boy in Seerat’s life who is fooling her, but Angad doesn’t believe her. There is only one chance for Seerat to prove her point, and Veer says he can do anything to fix the misunderstanding between her and Angad.

Veer catches Angad entering Sahiba’s room and says Sahiba is resting. Angad says he must discuss an important matter and asks where Sahiba is. Sahiba finds Garry and Seerat at Green Eve Garden.

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