Suhaagan 12th November 2023 Written Episode: Bindiya’s Drunken Antics Lead to Chaos, Police Arrive at Baldev’s House


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As Bindiya runs and hides under the table, she comes out and climbs onto the dining table in an intoxicated state. Indu asks Krish to come to bat’s baraat. Sakshi says no one believed that Bindiya could drink after Krish’s engagement. Vikram says no, everyone assumed someone made her drink. Now everyone has their eyes open. Sakshi says she is at the table now. Indu asks Bindiya to get off the table.

Bindiya responds with “okay” to Maharani Sahiba and then addresses “Maa ji Sahiba.” She expresses awareness that she may possibly fall and get injured, acknowledging the love and concern Maharani Sahiba has for her. Krish urges Bindiya to come down from the table and stand up. Bindiya climbs down from the table and loses balance, but Krish catches her. He reminds her of his warning about falling, while Bindiya points out that she also predicted he would catch her. Krish instructs Bindiya to come off the table, but she asks for guidance on how to do so – whether by running, walking, or jumping. Indu becomes upset. Krish again tells Bindiya to come off the table, while Bindiya is determined to eat something first.

Krish pleads for an end to the theatrics, while Bindiya defends her actions by claiming that her husband’s love does not waver, even when he scolds. Indu joins in, urging Bindiya to dismount and cease her dramatics. Nikku offers to leave, but Krish interjects, stopping him. Bindiya’s gaze then falls upon Sakshi, who, in turn, confronts her by stating her name. Bindiya denies staring and explains that she is merely mimicking Sakshi’s gestures, including rolling her eyes. Baldev smirks at the situation as Krish expresses his frustration with “this Bala.” Vikram interrupts with a loud reprimand for Bindiya to know her place. In response, she demands to know who spoke in such a stern tone and looks down before seeing Vikram and asks why he did not make himself known sooner.

Bindiya thought she recognized the voice of her childhood friend, whom she used to play a game where the player stood in the corner and didn’t participate. Vikram questions if no one here cares for him. Bindiya wonders if Sakshi Bhabhi doesn’t care for him and asks if he’s eaten and is feeling okay. Indu inquires about who got her drunk. Nikku leaves the room. Bindiya reveals that Krish was the one who got her drunk. Krish demands an explanation and accuses her of lying. He tells her not to falsely accuse him.

Indu says you are the headache of all problems. Bindiya says I am Bindiya, your Choti bahu. She asks why you don’t like me and asks her to say. She sits down, holds her feet, asks Indu to leave her, and asks if she wants to break my bones. She asks Indu to bless her and call her choti bahu. Indu blesses her and says I accept you as choti bahu. Bindiya thanks her, hugs and kisses her.

Krish invites Bindiya to join him, while Nidhi requests him to take her away because she is causing a disturbance for others. Nidhi also asks Baldev to observe what his respectful daughter-in-law is up to. Bindiya approaches Baldev and expresses regret for not being able to speak earlier, but now she can’t hold back. She compliments Baldev and refers to him as her friend in this new household. She shares her sadness about feeling unheard by anyone. Bindiya then addresses Pankaj, acknowledging his goodness and mentioning that his wife has not returned home yet, resulting in his current role of being a live-in son-in-law.

She says we are both the same and are fighting for our respective relations (marriages). She says we will fight until we win. Pankaj says yes. Nidhi tells Sakshi they’ll dump her in her room. She asks Baldev to see what Bindiya is doing. Baldev says Bindiya’s words are true. They hear a police jeep, and Indu says there’s trouble. Bindiya says she’ll go with her husband. Krish asks her to come. Just then they hear the sound of the police jeep. Krish says there’s new trouble.

Payal enters with the Police, and Bindiya adamantly tells Krish that she refuses to leave. She questions why a call was made to the Police to have her arrested, and insults Pallu in the process. Baldev inquires about the situation, while the Inspector instructs him to ask his daughter-in-law for an explanation. Bindiya accuses Payal of being an illegal bahu, but Krish urges her to keep quiet. The Inspector suggests that perhaps Bindiya’s mental state is unstable, revealing that she had violently attacked a woman on the street. This revelation shocks everyone present, and Baldev takes the Inspector aside. Indu scolds the Servants and tells Krish to take Bindiya away from there. Bindiya insists that Pallu should be sent first before she agrees to go with them. Krish promises to send Pallu ahead of them but asks Bindiya to come along with him now.

Baldev expresses his regret to the Inspector on behalf of Payal, assuring him that he will provide compensation to the woman. The Inspector acknowledges this and explains that he brought Payal here due to a family matter. With that, he takes his leave. Bindiya instructs Krish to straighten up, to which Krish retorts for Bindiya to do the same first. He then promptly lifts Bindiya and escorts her away. Payal observes how Krish seemed unconcerned about being brought by the police and begged Bindiya for mercy. Nidhi is grateful that Krish took Bindiya away, while Sakshi comments on one sister causing drama and the other bringing in the police. Nidhi can’t help but feel sorry for Krish, while Indu credits everything that happened to him. As for Payal, she continues her act of fake tears.

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