Barsatein 2nd January 2024 Written Episode: Reyansh Pays the Bill, Jai Grateful


Barsatein 2nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the episode opens, Reyansh and Aradhana are declared the winners of the dance round. She asks them to watch their dance clip and asks them to come collect the trophy. They joke about Reyansh stealing Jai’s wife. Reyansh asks Aradhana to come. Jai says go, the trophy is yours, I’m with you. The trophy is taken by Reyansh and Aradhana. Everyone claps. Reyansh says destiny wants us to stay together, so don’t leave Aradhana. She leaves. He says sorry Jai, Aradhana is your wife and my partner, Aradhana is your wife and my partner.

Bani mentioned that you had a history of changing girlfriends frequently. As she steps away to take a call, the other girl suggests splitting the bill among everyone. Observing Aradhana’s thoughts, Jai decides to reach out to Bani for help. However, he soon realizes that her phone is unreachable. Realizing the situation, Jai glances at Aradhana and internally expresses his regret for not being able to fully cover the expenses. To ease their worry, Aradhana shares that she only has 800 rupees with her. Jai reassures her by saying he will handle it. Meanwhile, Reyansh notices the situation and offers to pay the bill, citing his recent business expansion as a reason. After settling the bill, Reyansh leaves while Jai follows him out.

Thanks to Reyansh. Reyansh says you think I did this for you, but in reality, I did it for my love, who didn’t know she would see this day. I’m taking back the money with interest. Aradhana, Reyansh is the one for you. You got caught in an embarrassing situation because of me. Jai thinks to wait until everyone leaves; otherwise, he will get insulted that he doesn’t have a car. She calms him down.

She says Reyansh paid the bill to please me, it’s okay, it should have been done for your sake, you would have done it for him, don’t feel inferior, Reyansh can’t break our bond, he’s trying, but he can’t do it. Jai thanks her. They go out. Jai says I’ll book a cab. She says we can walk to home, it’s nearby. Reyansh looks on. Aradhana and Jai leave. They receive messages in the group. Reyansh thanked Aradhana but did not thank Reyansh. Jai says thanks.

Reyansh points out that one person did not express gratitude, leading Jai to inquire who it was. However, all their friends had already said thank you. Aradhana, in turn, shows her appreciation to Reyansh and then thanks Jai for including her in the dinner and celebration. While Reyansh is on a phone call, he requests his manager to bring him a device without social media apps. He then sits down with a drink and reminisces about Aradhana, eventually breaking down in tears. Vivek arrives and offers comfort to Reyansh. Meanwhile, Jai and Aradhana enjoy some ice cream and play music before heading home. Upon returning home, Jai expresses how much fun he had while Aradhana mentions she sometimes catches colds and promises to make kada for him. Just then, Bani gives Jai a call.

Bani has requested a meeting tomorrow to discuss the extensive details of this case. He assures us that he will join us immediately. However, there may be an issue concerning Aradhana. Despite this, we are all organized and ready for her arrival. Upon receiving a bracelet from Aradhana, Bani mentions that he will handle the case and advises her not to wait for him but to go to sleep instead. Nita overhears their conversation while Aradhana believes that Jai’s worries will only cease once this case is resolved. As Vivek questions Reyansh on his actions, he explains that he is determined to keep his mother’s love as she had been unable to move on from a previous lover who had left her for someone else. Just like his mother, Reyansh refuses to let go of true love and plans to make her realize her feelings toward him.

Vivek informs that the person in question is no longer interested and advises to move on. Reyansh firmly declares his unwillingness to let go. Meanwhile, Varun receives a call and decides to meet someone. Aradhana also gets a call and agrees to come along. Upon hearing this, she calls Jai and arranges for him to join her. Nita inquires about Varun’s sudden departure, but he dismisses her concerns, urging her not to be an overly inquisitive parent while he exits. Aradhana exits the building as well, prompting Nita to suggest that Varun follow her if he wants pocket money. She adds that there might be some interesting happenings, encouraging him by calling him a good boy as he leaves. Later on, Reyansh enters the elevator and coincidentally stands next to Aradhana. Seizing the opportunity, Varun captures footage of them together at the hotel, considering it a stroke of luck for him.


I have to meet Pooja, Aradhana says. Bani takes Jai to the hotel. They see Aradhana with Reyansh.

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