Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th September 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Sahiba attempts to hail an auto, Rumi follows closely behind. However, her fear rises when a jeep pulls up right behind them. Rumi quickly apologizes for startling her and offers to give her a ride to her destination. Despite his insistence, Sahiba declines and requests that he leaves as she is not feeling talkative at the moment. Rumi persuades her to reconsider, explaining that autos are not stopping and cab bookings tend to get canceled. Sahiba inquires how he knows this, to which Rumi responds that it happens frequently in his experience, causing him to resort to using his jeep for transportation. Nevertheless, Sahiba rejects his offer and continues trying to hail an auto.

Rumi holds her hand and says she can’t go like this. Sahiba gets angry and shouts how dare he is to touch her. Rumi says he thought they were friends. She left in auto warning him not to come near her again just because she spoke to him normally and let him take pictures of her; boys like him misunderstand so easily. Rumi thinks she looks like his mother when she scolds her; now Agad has to pay for it.

As Sahiba reaches the event venue, she introduces herself as a florist sent by her professor. Rajeev introduces his team to her and tells her to begin her work. Angad’s congratulatory board is taken behind her without seeing it. Angad heads towards the venue with Seerat and Manveer. Manveer thanks her for bringing back smiles in his and Angad’s lives and says they both were shattered because of Sahiba else.

Sahiba completes flower decoration. Sanjeev praises her work and asks if she can prepare a garland to welcome their guest of honor. Sahba agrees and asks staff what is happening here. Angad is awarded businessman of the year, so Sahiba notices it and becomes shocked to learn that. Angad must be extremely happy today. Sanjeev asks Sahiba to prepare the garland. Stafff praises her talent.

The event organizer welcomes Angad and his family. Manveer asks Seerat to walk with Angad. Japjyoth tells Akaal that she does not like Manveer pushing Seerat toward Angad. Akaal walks silently. Sahiba watches Angad hide. Angad spots Sahiba behind decorations and wonders if he’s Sahiba. Dancers and musicians entertain guests.

Rumi disguised as a musician thinks Angad will soon be gone and he will be with Sahiba soon. The host greets the family and asks Sanjeev to bring a garland. Seeing that his staff is missing, Sanjeev asks Sahiba to welcome Mr Brar. Sahiba hesitates, but agrees. In the hall, she walks with a garland. Seerat and Manveer grow jealous when they see Sahiba, while other family members feel happy. Angad stands dumbfounded when he sees Sahiba, and Sahiba felicitates him.


She finds Angad’s watch and bloodied shirt in the parcel, along with a note saying that he took Angad out of her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs along the road worrying about Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she’s doing here. Angad’s life is at risk, Sahiba says. Rumi tells her to get in his jeep, he’ll help her. She gets in. He smiles.


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