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In the episode, Ranbir fills Prachi’s maang with Sindoor and says, “You are just mine now.” Pandit ji says the marriage has been solemnized, you are husband and wife and life partners, and asks them to get the elders’ blessings. Vikram and Ashok hug each other. Sona Sona song plays…..Ranbir and Prachi smile. They receive the blessings of Pallavi, Dida, Manpreet, etc. Pallavi says, “We have your daughter now. Dida says, “Please send her here, and I am taking my daughter home.”

Manpreet asks her to ensure her well-being and expresses that she cherishes their relationship like that of a mother and daughter. Ranbir promises to take care of her even more than he does himself. Vishaka offers to bring items for the traditional bidaai ceremony. Vikram assures Khushi that she will accompany them back home. This brings joy to Khushi’s face. However, Mihika objects and pleads to be allowed to stay with Khushi, as she cannot bear being apart from her. Ashok reminds Mihika that it is Khushi’s parents who will take care of her and she must return to her hostel tomorrow. Mihika requests to spend one more night with Khushi.

Pallavi agrees, allowing Mihika to stay with them for the evening. Vishaka also gives her approval, initiating the bidaai ceremony. Prachi throws the puffed rice behind her as the Dilbaro song plays in the background. Manpreet tearfully reminds her that she will always be like a mother to her. Ashok chimes in, reassuring Mihika that he and her father are both there for her at any time. Ranbir adds that their relationship won’t change and he will hold Prachi accountable if she makes any mistakes. With a smile on her face, Prachi asks for permission to leave. They bid farewell and depart.

Pallavi takes care of the preparations for the Grah Pravesh at home. Khushi arrives and quickly grabs Vikram’s phone to record a video. Mihika joins in, standing behind Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi performs the traditional aarti for Ranbir and Prachi, inviting Prachi to enter by kicking the kalash before stepping over the kumkum thaal. Ranbir lovingly holds her hand as they make their way inside together. As they receive blessings from everyone, Mihika follows suit by kicking the kalash and marking her entry with footsteps in the kumkum thaal.

Dida inquires, “Whose footprints are these?” Mihika responds, “I placed my feet on top of Prachi’s prints, which resulted in these marks.” Pallavi expresses concern, stating that it is a bad omen. Vikram reassures everyone by saying that things will turn out to be favorable now. Mihika wonders what medication he takes as he should have experienced excruciating chest pain by now. All of a sudden, Vikram experiences discomfort. Concerned about his health, Pallavi updates Ranbir on Vikram’s condition and mentions their plans to fly him to London tomorrow for a surgery. Dida suggests that they all stay there until Vikram fully recovers.

Is it because you were waiting for this marriage to happen that you didn’t tell me? Vikram says I was waiting for it to happen. Ranbir says you should have postponed it. Prachi says what to do. Ranbir says he will go to London with them. Vikram asks them to go on a honeymoon and start anew. He convinces Ranbir to do so. He asks Pallavi to make arrangements for the rasam and asks where Khushi is, I’ll show her room.

Phushi calls Khushi. She goes to her room with Vikram. Mihika also goes. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to worry and be happy with Prachi. Dida blesses them and tells them to rest. Prachi says she wants to stay with everyone, whether it is here or in London. Pallavi says you need to stay with Ranbir, you’re newlyweds. Dida asks if you’re a doctor and says we’ll both take care of him.

During Prachi’s visit to the room, Ranbir asks if you weren’t pleased with the decoration. Prachi says she can’t believe they’re married now, and Mummy is thrilled about it. She says the room is beautifully decorated and tells Rhea that last time she was there…Ranbir promised her that no one would ever be able to separate them. Prachi says I love you…..Ranbir says I love you the most. Chal tere ishq me plays….Prachi hugs him and smiles, and she gets emotional as well.

She asks Mihika to go to sleep. Mihika asks her if she doesn’t miss them and asks her to go to her Mummy and Papa’s room. Khushi says she’s sleepy and will sleep here. Mihika tells her to go there, and tell them she loves them so much that she wants to sleep with them, otherwise they will leave her in hostel. Khushi asks, really? She answers yes.

Then Prachi rests her head on Ranbir’s chest and says her heart seems to be speaking. You will become used to it, since we will be close always and never separate, and we will remain together forever, and no one can separate us from one another. Khushi comes there, shouting Mamma…Mihika also comes there and pretends to stop Khushi. She says Khushi wants to sleep here because she misses you both. She asks Khushi to tell her what she wants to say.

We miss Khushi, Ranbir says. Khushi says I’d like to sleep here. Mihika says Khushi come with me, I’ll give you cake. Ranbir says we’ll always be together. Prachi tells Mihika to go and sleep. Mihika says it’s your first night, so I felt strange. She says goodnight and leaves. She thinks she has handled today well and will deal with tomorrow as well.

As Ranbir, Prachi, and Khushi lie in bed to sleep, Prachi says even I will get a good night’s sleep. Khushi says even me and says good night. Ranbir says I love you too.

Prachi and his photo frame are taken out of Akshay’s room. He becomes upset. Mihika calls him. Akshay asks why she called him? In 45 days, you’ll hear that Prachi is pregnant again with Ranbir, your dear sister whose love has been lost due to your actions. She said it is true and they are going on honeymoon, and they’ll do what everyone else does, then Prachi will inform you that she’s pregnant with Ranbir’s baby.

She asks Akshay to keep her mouth shut otherwise he will shoot him. Mihika asks him to stop this from happening and says I’ll help you. Akshay says what to do, we have failed. I called you to inform you that Prachi would drop Khushi off at her hostel at 11am, then they would go on honeymoon at the Hotel Saffron. She tells him to follow them. Akshay says he can’t lose Prachi. Mihika says she can’t lose Ranbir. Akshay says they can’t be one.

While Dida tries to stop Khushi, Vikram plays with her the next day. Prachi tells Khushi not to make bade papa run. Mihika says taxi is here. Khushi tells Prachi not to worry and says she will come soon. Prachi tells Khushi to study here. Khushi says she enjoys her time there, and tells her that you wanted me to be intelligent and study well. Prachi says you are already intelligent. Khushi says she wants to study there.

Prachi implores Ranbir to listen to her, but he assures her that he doesn’t want her to leave either. Despite this, he understands her desire to go and encourages her to study well and become as intelligent as her mother. Khushi declares that Ranbir is the best father, to which he replies that his own father holds that title and embraces Vikram. Khushi adds that her father is also the best, with Vikram agreeing in affirmation. They share a group hug before Mihika takes Khushi away. Dida reminds Ranbir to take care of himself and Prachi, to which he responds by telling Dida to take her medications on time and bidding them farewell for their journey. Vikram reassures them that they can stay connected through phone calls and advises them not to worry about him, reminding them to remain happy together as a family.

As Dida and Vikram go out, Prachi asks him to take care. Pallavi hugged Ranbir and asked Prachi to do the same. She said I love you and hugged Pallavi. Prachi said I was coming. Vikram called Ranbir and said he said Mihika knew and you didn’t tell us. He finds the paper and says Papa booked their honeymoon in the resort. He says so, you want to come. You are with me, how to see the outside world. Prachi says let’s stay at home.

Having received this booking, Ranbir says he wanted to do as Papa wanted. Prachi says no, as Ranbir kisses her cheeks and says, “Let’s go.” He says, “I love you, Chikchiki.” Prachi says, “I love you too, Baklu.” Chal tere ishq me…plays….They leave in the car. Akshay follows them in the car.

As Diya is about to leave, Manpreet asks Vishaka to close the window as quickly as possible. She closes all the windows. Vishaka says Diya will not set off now. Manpreet is shocked since Diya has already left. Vishaka warns her not to speak old things because it is inauspicious, but she herself worries. Manpreet calls this an inauspicious occurrence.


After Mihika stabs Akshay, Ranbir holds the knife to remove it. Ranbir is hanged for the murder. Later, Vishaka tells Prachi that Ranbir’s jeep crashed in the valley and his dead body has been found. Prachi is shocked.

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