Anupama 12th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 12th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimpy believes that the Shahs are refusing to give her and Samar their rightful share of the property. She also insists that they will not leave the Shah house until they receive it. Therefore, her proposal is for them to live under the same roof, but separately; with Dimpy and Samar occupying the first floor while the Shahs stay on the ground floor. Leela had previously warned everyone about Dimpy’s destructive nature but unfortunately, nobody took her seriously. As a result, Hasmukh is left heartbroken, while Samar remains silent. Anupama then begins her statement by stating that regardless of the size of the house, the kitchen and pooja room should be shared by all family members. Finally, she urges Hasmukh to make a decision regarding this matter.

Hasmukh is experiencing excruciating head pain, leading him to grant her full autonomy in making decisions. Anupama informs Samar and Dimpy that they can lead their lives without any involvement from other family members. While the sacred pooja room will remain unchanged since it is dedicated to God, she suggests dividing the kitchen as it is a more practical approach. Now that Samar is married, he can enjoy his wife’s cooking instead of relying on his mother or grandmother’s food. It’s time for them to learn to stand on their own feet without constant parental guidance. Hasmukh adds that although parents can support their children up to a certain extent, they cannot hold their hands forever.

Anupama advises that they will be responsible for their own expenses such as groceries, laundry, telephone, and electricity bills. If not, they will need to contribute their fair share. Dimpy rudely shouts once more and storms off to the first floor with Samar in tow. Anuj grows worried since it has been a while since Anupama last visited Shah House and hopes everything is okay there. Anupama attempts to depart, while Hasmukh apologizes for involving her in their problems when she already has her own family matters to deal with.

Leela inquires about Romil’s current residence at KM. Anupama confirms that he is still residing there. Kavya then questions if Barkha has accepted Romil’s presence. Anupama explains that even if Barkha does not approve, Romil will continue to stay at KM. She sheds light on the fact that while everyone observes Romil’s behavior, they may be unaware of the emotional turmoil he is experiencing and attempting to conceal it through anger. Anupama speculates that perhaps Romil did not grow up in a loving household or receive proper nurturing. She emphasizes the importance of a child developing bonds with elders out of genuine affection rather than just for the sake of maintaining a relationship. Drawing from her own experience and Bebli’s, she reflects on this concept further. As she exits the Shah house, she offers a prayer for healing and reconciliation within the fragmented family.

As Anuj watches her hiding, she jokes about Suresh coming out. He throws a rose at her. She asks him to come out. Anuj pops out in front of her and asks who Suresh is. Anupama says she tricked him into calling him out. He says he would have used hockey sticks on every Suresh here instead of being at the office. He says he came to pick her up and asks if something happened. She says no. He says let’s go home.

She states that she doesn’t interact with strangers. Their Nibbi-Nibba type of romance begins. They amusingly dance and act out the song “Khullam Khulla Pyar Karenge Hum Dono..” After the song finishes, Anuj reminds her that they should make time for romance more often. Anupama points out that they have dedicated half of their lives to taking care of their family. Anuj agrees but also adds that their family dramas will never fully come to an end, which is why they should also focus on finding happiness for themselves. Anupama suggests that even if they are not married, they should still find joy within themselves and proceeds to explain further. Anuj playfully suggests that she should make time for herself, catch up with old friends, and enjoy life. Anupama agrees and suggests he do the same. Anuj jokes to avoid falling for anyone like Suresh though.

Pakhi is having trouble checking office documents and hopes Anuj is here. Adhik assists her, throws away her laptop, and physically abuses her. Anuj and Anupama leave.


Pakhi was physically abused by Adhik. Pakhi pleaded with Adhik to leave her and not exaggerate the matter or else the family would get tense. After seeing Pakhi crying, Anupama walks in with Anuj. She hugs Pakhi and agrees.

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