Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th September 2023 Written Update


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Angad expresses his gratitude to Manveer, Seerat, and Japjyoth for their previous assistance but insists on handling the situation independently. However, Seerat reminds him that he had also aided her in the past and now it is her turn to reciprocate the help. In an attempt to take revenge, she attempts to destroy Sahiba’s photo. However, Angad intervenes and confiscates the photo. Meanwhile, Rumi notices that Angad has been acknowledged as the businessman of the year in today’s newspaper and wonders if he is content with this recognition, unaware of his impending demise which will be announced in tomorrow’s obituary section.

Angad’s award ceremony is today, and Sahiba thanks Sanjeev for giving her the opportunity to work with him. A few young people are celebrating nearby and shout. Sanjeev informs Sahiba that she will decorate the ceremony. Sahiba does not hear him and walks away from the sound. Rumi sees her and wonders where she is going.

Jasleen asks Seerat if she is dressing up to lure Angad at the award function. She says she is going to the award function. Jasleen says it is Angad’s award function and that she is misusing his absence to get closer to him. Jasleen gets angry and says she cannot speak to her like that because Seerat reminded her that she had asked her to get closer to Angad and said her evil intentions are helping her.

Seerat says that she will behave with her as she does with her and that Manveer is showing her respect. She continues to show a mirror to Jasleen and asks her to let her wear the necklace now. Jasleen asks if she bought a cheap necklace from Shimlapuri. Jasleen fumes as she leaves. Manveer gives Seerat this diamond necklace as a gift and asks her to check if it’s genuine. Garry sold her jewelry for his debauchery, so she didn’t have a cheap necklace. Jasleen leaves fuming.

Families prepare for Angad’s award ceremony. Akaal asks Angad if he looks like the businessman of the year’s grandfather. Veer jokes that he looks like Angad’s younger brother. Akaal says he would be happy to be called Angad’s grandpa. Angad always wants to be called Akaal’s grandson. When Seerat rushes to the door, Angad’s chest is held by Seerat.

Japjyoth asks what she is doing. Seerat says she was protecting Angad’s religious locket from falling down. Manveer tells her she did right and asks her to fit it into Angad’s neck. Seerat happily does so. Angad imagines Sahiba and takes her name. Seerat feels jealous hearing that. Angad apologizes. Jasleen warns him to not apologize since he would subconsciously take Sahiba’s name.

They should stop taking Sahiba’s name because she destroyed Angad’s life, Manveer yells at her. As they are getting late for the award function, Hansraj asks them to stop their argument. Sahiba waits for a taxi. Rumi wonders why she booked a cab for link road and cancels it. Sahiba wonders why the drivers cancel cabs repeatedly.

Angad and Seerat take a selfie together. Veer joins them. Seerat frowns and snaps a selfie. She cuts Veer’s image and sends it to Sahiba. Sahiba feels distraught and believes Angad wrongfully accused her and himself is taking a selfie with his true love Seerat.


When Sahiba gets a parcel, Angad’s watch and bloodstained shirt are inside, along with a note saying Angad was taken out of her life and now she belongs to him. Sahiba runs on the road worried about Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she’s doing. Sahiba says Angad’s life is in danger. Rumi says he’ll help her. She gets in. He grins.

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