Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandana saying what will I tell Vaibhav, he will get upset. Mrunal asks Vaibhav to come with her for shopping. She says I care about you, and if Vandana doesn’t care about you, you should choose yourself. He says fine, come. She smiles. She gets ready. Kunal asks Vandana if she’s going on a date. She says no, she’s going to visit Vaibhav for marriage. Kunal says I’ve hired you for work, so I’ll lock the door and you can decide. He leaves.

Vedika stumbles and Kunal quickly tells her to relax, asking where she’s off to in such a hurry. He notices a cake with the word “sorry” on it and questions if she plans on apologizing to Vandana. Vedika responds that it’s her responsibility to guide and protect him from making any mistakes, and that Vandana and her family are not at fault. She proceeds to explain her reasoning while Vandana watches on. Kunal reminisces about how she used to make him such cakes during their childhood, but also reminds her of the past incident with their father. He pleads with her to listen or else he will stop communicating with her altogether. Aaji intervenes by telling Vijay not to be stubborn and reminding him to take his medicine. Despite everything, he expresses his concern for Vandana’s well-being.

Vedika tells Kunal to let Vandana go home, free her, office hours are over, and I will also stand here, just like she is. Kunal agrees. Vandana gets relieved.

Vandana is tolerating this for us, so we can smile for her sake, since she won’t think her efforts were worthless if she sees us crying faces. Vijay says you are right, if she sees us happy, she won’t be sad. When Vandana hears them, she cries. She says I should smile too. She comes home and acts happy. She says I’m going to meet Vaibhav for marriage shopping, so I’ll be late. She leaves. Vijay says a smile hides some sorrow.

Mrunal and Vaibhav enjoy their ice cream while Vandana makes her way to them. She vocalizes her plan to persuade him, unaware that Kunal and Bobby are also en route. Kunal indulges in some cake and urges Bobby to do the same, but he declines, citing the baked goods as an apology for Vandana’s actions. Mrunal reassures him of her unwavering support, unlike Vandana. Vaibhav compliments Mrunal, using adjectives like loving, caring, sweet, attractive… Prompting her to ask for more. He adds “hot” to the list just as Kunal’s car appears in the vicinity. Despite spotting them first, Vandana quickly conceals herself from view.

Bobby is taken aback when he sees them. He immediately questions, “Are you seeing the same thing I am? Vandana’s Vaibhav with Mrunal?” Kunal comments, “Where is this world heading to?” As their car drives away, Kunal can’t help but think of Vaibhav. Bobby asks if he’s okay, to which Kunal responds that he needs some time alone after the meeting. Vaibhav offers to give him a ride home, but Mrunal suggests they try on some clothes at his house first. Confused, Vaibhav asks what she means. She clarifies that they can exchange or return the clothes if they don’t fit. Meanwhile, Vandana calls Vaibhav and he quickly sends her a message instead. She wonders if Vaibhav was upset by their encounter.

At Vaibhav’s house, he tries on the kurta and Mrunal immediately compliments him. She assures him that she has no hidden feelings and holds nothing back. Vaibhav urges her to be honest and so she confesses her true feelings for him. She believes that they are meant to be together as they share a special connection. However, their moment is interrupted by Vandana’s arrival at the front door. They both panic, thinking it might be his mother, but Vaibhav suggests it’s just a delivery package from online shopping. He cautiously opens the door only to find Vandana standing there. Mrunal addresses her as Vandana…


Kunal thinks I should tell Vandana that I hate her, but no one deserves to cheat in love. Vandana says that we will marry on the agreed date, will you marry me. Mrunal signs no to him.

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