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She tells Anuj that maybe she is wrong, but her love is not. Maaya says she isn’t snatching him from anyone, but she knows how much she loves him, even though she loves him less than Anupama. Love is right when it sacrifices, and wrong when it steals or forcefully snatches. She needs him.

Anuj says he belongs only to Anupama and she is his first and last love, Maaya is only his daughter’s biological mother and can only be friends if she doesn’t interfere between him and Anupama. Whenever it becomes impossible to gain love, he says, it is best to leave it. Maaya asks if he stopped loving Anupama when she married Vanraj, then why should she stop loving him now?

“This is getting extremely strange,” Anuj expresses. Maaya retorts by asking, “When was your love for Anupama ever normal?” Anuj responds, “My love had its boundaries.” Maaya argues, “One-sided love isn’t necessarily a negative thing.”

Anuj interrupts, stating, “That’s enough now. I respect your love, considering I had one-sided love for 26 years. However, expecting it to be reciprocated forcefully is incorrect. Let’s end this conversation here.” He leaves the room. Maaya hugs Anuj’s shirt and says it won’t end her; she will get him when he can find Anupama after 26 years. Maaya walks out of the room. Anuj gulps water feeling upset and thinks when love crosses its limits, it can go to any extent and hopes Maa won’t do anything foolish.

For the treatment of Bhairavi’s father, Anupama and Bhavesh bring a doctor to her house. Bhairavi says they don’t have the money to take him to a hospital. Bhavesh tells Anupama not to worry and tells her they should take him to a government hospital. It is suggested that a child not be near the patient.

Bhairavi can’t leave her father, so her father asks Anupama to look after her until he gets well. Anupama agrees. Bhavesh wonders why Anupama is so good and why god burdens good people with responsibilities. Paakhi taunts Barkha at the Kapadia mansion if she is upset because Siya Ram/Anupama and Anuj are returning home.

People’s hearts are burning here rather than lamps, according to Ankush, instead of burning lamps. Ankush gets angry and shouts at Paakhi when she asks Barkha to clean Anuj and Anupama’s room, which she has forcefully occupied; Barkha’s vile plan with Maaya failed, so she should pack her bags and leave.

Bhairavi tells Anupama she lost her mother as a child and can’t afford to lose her father now. She says she will have food by herself. Anupama says her father will feel bad if he finds out that she doesn’t have food. She says she will have it by herself.

Her father has passed away, Bhavesh informs her. Bhairavi stands up upset. She says the food was delicious and cleans the plate before praying to the tulsi plant to cure her baba soon. Anupama informs her with great difficulty that her father has gone to her mother. Bhairavi runs towards the hospital.

As Adhik notices Paakhi weeping, he feels guilty and apologizes for being rude to her. While Paakhi believes he is not like his sister, he is also selfish. She recalls how Anuj and Anupama helped them when his sister and brother-in-law were against their marriage, and how Anuj provided him with a job at his company.

Paakhi says Anuj will notice and praise Adhik’s efforts, but he can’t imagine separating Anuj and Anupama like his sister.

In his dreams, Anuj imagines spending quality time with Anupama and Little Anu before going to bed. As Little Anu wakes him up, she tells him his parents are in her heart, but she has a school and friends, so she cannot come with him, even if he concentrates on his work. She will visit her mummy and papa often and feels as though her mummy and papa are the best. Their Anupama is the best, according to Anupama.

Maaya feels jealous hearing that and thinks she loves them both, but they love Anupama; she still has a day and won’t let Anuj go so easily. Paakhi asks Adhik why he is supporting his sister’s wrongdoing and trying to separate Anuj and Anupama. Adhik says he cannot extend his hands in front of Anuj and Anupama forever and wants a luxurious life.

She points out that he should work hard and gain success rather than try to snatch someone else’s world and success. Adhik says she has done a lot and shouldn’t do anything more. Paakhi says she will reunite Anuj and Anupama at any cost.

When Bhairavi sees her father’s dead body, she cries out and asks him to wake up. Anupama says she knows how it feels when your father’s hands are gone. She comforts Bhairavi. Back at home, Anupama struggles to hold back her tears. Kanta asks if she recalls witnessing her father see Bhairavi cry for him.

It’s good Bhairavi’s uncle and aunt came and will take care of her, but nobody can replace her father. Anupama says she has not forgotten her pain; nobody can replace her father. Kanta prays to God that no child should ever lose their parents. Anupama asks why relatives leave them and can’t stay with them forever, breaking down more.


Anuj prepares himself to meet Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama receives a message and eagerly informs Kanta that Anuj is on his way. Kanta says she tolerated the pain of separation, but if the hope of reuniting breaks, she cannot endure it; she won’t send her daughter to her in-laws’ house until she has confidence. The excitement of Anuj makes Maaya nervous.

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