Anupama 27th Feb 2023 written update

Anupama written update

Written update of todays episode

The episode today starts with Anupama happily cooking in the kitchen and then later decorating the dining table with flowers. She hides the gifts she has bought for Anuj and Little Anu.

Anirudh is back in the Shah house

Baa is giving instructions to the Nurse and grumbling that there is no one to look after Toshu. She sees Kavya constantly looking at the door and asks her who she is expecting. Suddenly Kavya looks happily at the door as Anirudh enters. Kavya rushes to welcome him. Baa and Vanraj are not happy to see them together. After taking Baa and Bapuji’s blessings Anirudh speaks to Vanraj but does not get any response.

Anupama has worn a beautiful yellow saree and admires herself in the mirror. She is getting impatient now. All preparations are done and she does not know how to spend her time.

Kavya and Anirudh sit on the sofa to chit chat. Anirudh talks about his business. Kavya tells Bapuji that Anirudh has got an award for his business. Anirudh calls everyone to his office to see how is business is running. Vanraj is angry and asks why she has called Anirudh home . He asks her how could she be so shameless. Kavya replies that she has not gone out to any cafe to meet Anirudh so what is wrong with that. Anirudh gets upset and scolds Vanraj for talking so rudely to Kavya. Vanraj replies saying that Anirudh has no right to interfere between husband and wife. Kavya in response says Anirudh is her friend and her Ex.

Anupama has put on Anuj’s suit and is imitating him and his way of talking and entertaining herself.

Kavya says he is my ex and best friend. Anirudh says that ex husband and wife can always be best friends. Before they got married they were friends and will always be friends. He warns Vanraj to behave properly with his friend. Vanraj asks Kavya why her ex has come home. Kavya says if Vanra’s ex-wife can come home then why can’t her ex come?

Anupama is getting restless and is waiting for Anuj to come so that she can tell him everything that Vanraj said to her.

Baa shouts at Kavya. Kavya asks why she has to keep quiet. She asks Baa if her son is lonely and does not have anyone to talk to? She says Vanraj has never had time to talk to his wife. Baa has problems with Anirudh coming home but she has no problem with Anupama coming. Vanraj’s biggest problem is that he has become like his mother and not like is Dad. Kavya also says that this family has only one solution for every problem and that is Anupama. Vanraj does not want to share his problems with his wife but only with his ex-wife. She too needs someone to talk to so why can she also talk to her ex-husband? She informs everyone that she is joining Anirudh in his business just as Vanraj had once worked with Anupama. Vanraj says she can do anything but this man cannot come in his house. Kavya reminds him that this is her house also and Anirudh can come anytime she calls him. Vanraj says that there is a difference between Anupama and Anirudh. Anupama comes for her children and for his parents. Kavya has no problem with Anupama but she has a problem with Vanraj and his behaviour towards her. Kavya is grateful she did not have any kids or else the family would have emotionally blackmailed her the same way they are doing with Anupama.

Baa says that Kavya cannot talk like this in front of a stranger. Kavya reminds her that Anirudh is not a stranger but her ex-husband with whom she has spent more time than with Vanraj.

Vanraj feels that Kavya is trying to use Anirudh to stop Anupama from coming home.

Little Anu comes running home and hugs Anupama. Both are comparing who missed the other more. Anupama looks for Anuj and is told that he is getting the luggage out of the car.

Vanraj tells Kavya that she is a very ambitious girl and that is why she became friends with him in order to get a promotion in office. Kavya says she genuinely loved him and that is why she became his friend. She is not like him who used Mukku and played with her feelings to get hold of the Kapadia empire.

Maaya is requesting Anuj not to share anything with Anupama. She will not understand anything. The truth will only cause her more pain. Anupama reaches them and asks what is it that she will not understand.


There is a pooja and everyone is dancing. Maaya has eyes only for Anuj and while dancing she falls at Anuj’s feet. Kavya has noticed everything and tells everyone that Maaya is in love with Anuj. Upon being asked by Anupama Maaya agrees that she loves Anuj.

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