Maati Se Bandhi Dor 19th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju and Ranvijay’s Relationship Tested

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 19th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Vaiju talking to the cow. Jaya comes and hides behind the cow. She talks to Vaiju as the cow. Vaiju laughs. Jaya says you caught me, and I’ll do anything to make you happy. Vaiju also gets ready. As he recalls Jaya’s words, Ranvijay gets prepared. He says he can’t get away, and he cannot forget you because I have this sign of yours. Vasundhara calls him. Rao Sahab asks Naagraj to pick Pandit Ji.

Then Vasundhara asks Shambu to sit in the car. She says you’ve been with us for 30 years and are not just Kaka anymore; sit in there. Shambu says Ranvijay, you made the right decision. They leave. Jaikant looks on and says you did something wrong with me, I won’t leave you. Vaiju goes to see Ranvijay, and she smiles. Jaya gets sad. She thinks my exam started now, so I can’t make it.

Kaveri informs Ranvijay that Vaiju has used a fan to dry the floor for you, as you are her guest. Ranvijay smiles in response. Vaiju assures him that he is lucky to have her taking care of him and welcomes him into the house. As he enters, a little girl notices his fallen wallet and picks it up. Vaiju approaches and asks about Jaya’s whereabouts. Aai reassures her that Jaya will arrive soon, but Vaiju decides to call her as her phone is switched off. Aai insists that Ranvijay has come for Jaya, not just for Jaya.

Meanwhile, Vaiju greets the guests, and the girl takes a peek at the wallet’s contents, which include a picture of Ranvijay and Jaya. She sees Ranvijay with Vaiju and assumes they are together. This catches Ranvijay’s attention, and he asks what is going on. Vaiju explains that she is referring to her younger sister, Jaya, who happens to be looking on from afar.

Pandit inquires, “Do you agree to this union?” Vaiju and Ranvijay both reply confidently, “Yes.” The ritual proceeds as planned, and the betel nut, aimed toward Ranvijay’s face, misses and is caught by Vaiju instead. Kaki expresses concern, stating that it is considered bad luck and believes that perhaps God disapproves of this marriage. However, Ranvijay reassures her he is not bothered by it since Vaiju protects his eye. Vasundhara comments that it must mean the wedding will take place soon, and Vaiju will have to face any challenges that come his way. The room fills with applause as the pandit ji announces today and tomorrow as potential auspicious days for the marriage. He also reveals that there are no available dates for another six months.

According to Rao Sahab, the marriage can be postponed for six months. However, Vasundhara suggests that we can hold the wedding ceremony tomorrow and assures us that everything will be taken care of. She then presents the shagun to Vaiju, who receives blessings from Ranvijay and others present. As they watch, one of the girls discovers a photograph in Ranvijay’s wallet and shows it to Vaiju, who seems surprised. Aai mentions that Vasundhara has brought gifts for them, while Vaiju reveals the picture in Ranvijay’s wallet to her.


Vaiju sits stunned. Ranvijay says truth does not hide for long, you broke my truth for Vaiju. If you love me, Jaya, then sign me once, I will break this marriage.

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