Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhinav appealing for an end to the altercation. One person is motivated by maternal love while the other by pride. Abhir yearned to return to Kasauli and see his friends, which is why we were on our way back. Bhai ji, we would like you to be a part of Abhir’s life. Abhimanyu expresses his frustration at not being informed earlier about bringing Abhir here. I wouldn’t have postponed the case if I had known this was going to happen. Akshara explains that she was initially afraid because of Abhir’s health but is no longer scared. She issues a challenge to him – take Abhir away and prove that he will forget us and choose the doctor over us. He confidently accepts the challenge and she responds by saying he believes that Abhir will leave us for the doctor.

After he recovers, I will bring him along,” Abhinav explains. “But no one should leave, especially not Abhimanyu. He’s our child, and we need to consider the impact on him. You can stay here for a month, but it’s ultimately your decision.” Abhimanyu agrees, urging them to also listen to his wishes. Just then, Abhir arrives with pastries and is asked about Neela’s whereabouts by Abhinav. “She’s outside talking to someone,” Abhir responds. Akshara then lifts Abhir into her arms and he excitedly tells her that they will all be staying together. Akshara confirms this with a smile and nods in agreement at Abhimanyu’s suggestion to ask his mom about staying for the month as well.

Manjiri asks about Abhimanyu, but Shefali informs her that he is caught up with work. Manish then reveals that Abhimanyu has gone to Kasauli and will be staying with Akshara and Abhinav for a month. He learned this information from Abhir over the phone, expressing concern over the delicate relationship between Akshara and Abhinav. Manjiri blames both of them for not stopping Abhimanyu from going, to which Manish responds by saying she should have stopped him as well. Meanwhile, Akshara and Abhinav discuss the situation in their room, with Akshara criticizing Manish’s actions as it may make them appear as bad parents in Abhimanyu’s eyes without any remorse on his part.

Manjiri mentioned that Akshara is not willing to share Abhir’s love, and is wondering why she took him away. She also mentions that her son finally has a son after a long time, and as a father, he is unsure of what to do in this situation. He adds that they are related and he cares for Abhir as if he were his own son. However, Kairav’s opinion about him being a good person makes him question his own thoughts. Currently, Akshara is upset with the situation. As Abhimanyu inquires if they are discussing about him, she hands him over the house keys explaining it’s not a hotel. He expresses his gratitude as she had helped him out when everyone else had left. While trying to shut the washroom door, he struggles and Akshara advises him to do it lovingly, but even then he fails to close it properly. Eventually, she closes the door from outside and cautions him against breaking things if he can’t fix them properly, to which he jokingly remarks that breaking things seems to be her habit.

As the shower remains dry, he calls out to her for assistance. She suggests leaving the tap open while they wait for the water to come. Jokingly, he asks if he should impress Indradev with Tapasya or Apsara dancing. She encourages him to try either and promises to fetch a bucket of water in the meantime. Grateful for her help, he quickly changes into a t-shirt before stepping out to receive the bucket from her. To his surprise, Abhinav arrives and takes over the task of carrying the heavy bucket. Later on, during dinner time, Abhimanyu invites Abhinav to have some toast and fruits. As Father’s Day approaches, Akshara reminds them that fathers and their children need to present projects about their professions. Abhimanyu eagerly agrees to join Abhir at his school as a guardian to support him in this endeavor.

After going out and making jams, Akshara receives a video call from Manish. She shares that she has started studying and making jam while mentioning that Abhir and Abhinav are looking forward to coming back. Manish supports her decision to prioritize her house and marriage, saying he has always stood by Abhimanyu despite others’ opinions. He also suggests Akshara can ask Abhimanyu to not interfere in their lives, as it is her and Abhinav’s home.

She says Abhimanyu Manish told me about you and why you went there. He says it was for my son. She says you should have stayed here and fought the case, otherwise, they would have used this against you. He says we’ll see, my son is with me, he is recovering. She says there are two more people there, they are happy. Don’t worry about him. He tells her not to worry.

Abhinav and Akshara are with Abhir. Abhir is sleeping. They have a talk. You’re Abhir’s father and deserve this happiness, but Abhimanyu must earn it too, he must make his way into Abhir’s life, he cannot take your place, you and Abhimanyu are very different, you are the most different, and you should learn some things from Abhimanyu, be possessive and stubborn, ask for rights, and you have total control over your son. When you agree to this, the rest of the world will agree. He nods.


After Abhir learns that Abhinav isn’t his father, Abhinav says it’s tough for me, I’m not Abhir’s real father. Abhir cries and wonders who is his father.

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