Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kinjal and Anupama’s Struggles, Pakhi’s Shocking Decision

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Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Despite refusing Toshu, Kinjal tells Anupama. Anupama asks how Anuj and Toshu met. Kinjal replies she will tell you everything. If I work for Anuj Kapadia’s company, I will make a good salary, and then I will buy the same car as Anuj, as well as luxury watches. He believes his time will change and tells her that a different glow comes across her face when money comes.

The goons/business partners don’t see him as they approach his house. Kinjal shows Toshu the slate she used to explain that he is unrelated to Anuj. Anupama says it is already complicated; why does he want to make it even harder? After striking it, Anupama says God made her meet Shruti, Toshu, Pari, and Kinjal. She then saw Aadhya and Anuj and discovered Shruti was his fiancée, which stressed her.

Vanraj says he has to go to America for work and will sign the NOC for Anupama. The last time we didn’t go to Jamnagar Bua’s grandson’s birth, Baa said we’d see Toshu, Kinjal, and Pari. Babu Ji said Anupama made everything better. Vanraj says the Builder has been asking for a NOC for a long time.

She tells them not to worry about home and says Dimpy and I will take care of it. Vanraj asks Pakhi if she wants to go back to Adhik. Pakhi says she wants to marry her. Vanraj asks if she wants to go back to Adhik. Pakhi says Adhik is my past. Vanraj asks who is your future? Pakhi says, Tapish….I’m getting married to him. Everyone gets shocked.

Then Pari hugs Anupama. She brings masala tea to her. Kinjal asks Anupama to speak to Toshu. Anupama says she has no right to Toshu or Anuj and cannot speak to them. As Kinjal goes to talk to Toshu, she says you have the right to him. She asks her not to speak to Anuj and let Toshu work there but warns him not to do anything wrong since she will not take on his responsibility.

The snake bit you all. Pakhi asks what happened to all of you. Baa says you give us poison every day. Vanraj asked if you knew. Pakhi asks what is wrong with Tapish, counts all his good qualities, and says that he likes Ishani, and Ishani likes him, and he will be an excellent father to her. Baa says she had a good father you had snatched. She asks her to talk about herself. Pakhi says I like Tapish and am interested in marrying him.

He says it is possible to run from your feelings, but how will you run away from yourself? He says I can’t even think of Pakhi in my worst nightmare. Pakhi says Baa will be glad that I will leave after marriage. Vanraj says you hate him, and you want to marry him. Pakhi says you have no common sense in your heart. She says you loved Kavya after marriage, but I am single.

Despite our agreement, Titu will not agree if she dreams about Titu. Dimpy tells Pakhi to call Tapish and ask him. He tells Pakhi to concentrate on Ishani’s custody and tells her not to talk about love and marriage anymore. He tells her not to mention that joker. He leaves. Pakhi says she will marry only Tapish.

As the goons approach Toshu’s house, Pari gives Anupama the toy cup and asks how the masala tea is. Anupama likes it. Kinjal asks if Anuj ji is marrying Shruti. Anupama says she is a lovely woman who loves them very much. Kinjal asks more than you. According to Anupama, there is nothing more or less in love; it is just love, and Anuj is happy with her.

Anupama desires for her love always to be happy. Despite their different paths, she believes they should find happiness in their lives. She hopes they can peacefully move on if they happen to cross paths. However, Anupama will encourage him to let go and move forward if Anuj continues to hold onto the past. Kinjal brings up Choti Anu, and Anupama explains that sometimes parents must make tough decisions for their children’s well-being and happiness. Despite Choti’s resentment towards her, Anupama recognizes that life has dealt her many hardships, which have manifested into anger over the years.

The Kinjal says you may be feeling inadequate. Anupama says I am used to bearing my children’s misbehavior and Toshu’s and Pakhi’s misbehavior, but I can’t bear Choti’s remarks about how she hates me. She cries. Pari shows her dolls. After taking the pizza, Kinjal asks Pari to lock the door. When Pari sees the goons, she rushes and screams. Kinjal and Anupama are shocked.


Choti shouts out to Mummy when she sees a goon on the road. Anupama comes and beats the goon. Choti hugs her. Kinjal says her mother will protect Choti.

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