Dabangii 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush Reveals Arya’s True Identity

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The episode starts with Ankush explaining to Arya to ignore bad words. He says your blood isn’t bad; those who say this are bad, so trust yourself. Arya says me and my parents’ values. He calls her sensible. She says even mum used to call me sensible like my dad. He leaves. She asks Baba why did Ankush go. Ankush sees Arya sleeping. Baba comes. He asks how long will you hear the taunts, it isn’t Arya’s mistake.

Ankush claims we are enduring this for the sake of saving her life. Satya stumbled to degrade me. What will he do once he discovers that Arya is Damini’s daughter? I made a promise to Damini. How can I go back on my word? Revealing Arya’s truth is out of the question. Satya believes the truth will eventually surface, but how long can Ankush bear it? His patience has limits, and this is only the beginning; he has no clue about the plans. She asks if he has thought of a solution. He nods in affirmation. Jaanrao enters and informs them that they will arrive in the morning. Satya instructs him to rest now, and he leaves. Kasturi queries about the visitors and wonders if something significant will occur. Satya responds with one word – Dhamaka (Explosion).

In the morning, Ankush cooks the food, and Arya asks why there is so much smoke. Baba says I don’t feel right, don’t know what will happen, I pray for Arya’s safety. Baba says you had to put the chilli in later. Arya shouts that the milk has spilled, and Baba asks Ankush what he is doing.

Ankush says you should have done it. Arya laughs at the burnt roti. Baba says not to laugh and that food will be provided in 5 minutes. Ankush says roti burnt. Arya says she will die of hunger until Bela comes back. She leaves the house. A reporter asks her about her father while Satya and Kasturi watch.

“He claims that Ankush will be the cause of his downfall. Aai declares that they cannot prepare food without it getting burnt. While observing Arya with the press, she states that her picture will be published, and her friends will see it. As she strikes a pose, they inquire about her mother’s whereabouts and name and her father’s location. Amid this, Ankush arrives and asks what is going on. The reporters turn to him for information about Arya, but he urges them to remain calm and not create a scene in front of a child. Satya predicts that this incident will disgrace Ankush’s name. He then instructs Baba to take Arya away.”

Satya is baffled as Ankush remains calm while the reporters bombarded him with questions. They question the legitimacy of a girl, to which Ankush angrily retorts, “Who wants to know? Is it you?” As Baba and Arya observe, Arya wonders what has happened now. The reporter accuses Ankush of breaking their microphone, causing Arya to worry about her father’s reputation. Bela and Aai also expressed concern as the reporters demanded that Ankush answer them. However, Ankush raises his voice and declares that Arya is not illegitimate but instead a daughter of this household. Everyone looks on in shock while Satya beams with pride at his brother’s response.

Ankush looks on when Bela drops the tiffin down. Satya says that Ankush said it at the right time. Ankush calls Bela out. Reporters ask Arya’s mom’s name. Bela hugs Aai and cries. She thinks you have cheated me, Ankush, how. Ankush shuts the door and window. He asks the reporters to leave. Ankush locks himself in the room and cries. Arya asks Baba for assistance. She makes haldi milk and recalls Damini giving it to her.

Aai tells Bela not to cry. She says don’t believe anything you hear. Kasturi said yes, and Ankush accepted it. Is it a lie? She argues with Aai. Zai asks what happened and why were you crying. Bela suggests that she play. Zai suspects her mom and father fought. Zai goes. Aai consoles Bela. Ankush thinks Satya can do anything if he knows Arya is his daughter. Satya sees the news and gets happy. He says I have defamed Ankush, and now I have the party ticket.


Zai comes and argues with Ankush. She leaves. Kasturi asks Bela to sign the divorce papers. Aai is concerned.

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