Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Saavi had asked Sai to take her on their honeymoon to see the ocean, as she had promised. Then, she requested Satya to join them. However, Gowri expressed concern that Saavi might get bored with just Sai and Satya, so they all decided to go on a vacation together. Naturally, Saavi was thrilled. Satya even joked that he would come back and take everyone on a “family moon.” Confused, Saavi asked what a “family moon” was. Maddy tried to explain, but Gowri insisted it wasn’t worth discussing since Saavi already understood. Later, while in the hospital room, Sai suddenly remembered the incident with an intoxicated Virat at the restaurant. She decided to call him and surprisingly, he apologized for his behavior the previous day. Sai reassured him that it was okay and then mentioned that she wanted Saavi to stay with them at Chavan Nivas for a few days and asked Virat to pick up Vinu from school. Delighted by this news, Virat happily informed the family about Saavi’s visit. Bhavani questioned if Sai would allow it, but Virat assured everyone that it was Sai herself who suggested it.

Sai inquires with Nurse Shanti about her and Dr. Satya’s upcoming weekend plans. Shanti informs Sai that Satya’s schedule is clear, but Sai has a lecture scheduled with doctors from the US. Sai becomes hesitant to inform Satya about the lecture, fearing he will think she purposely canceled their trip. Instead, she decides to let him find out about the lecture on his own so he can make the decision to cancel the trip himself. Meanwhile, Virat buys an abundance of toys for his daughter Saavi. Upon seeing this, a friend jokingly suggests Virat open a toy shop. Virat replies that his daughter is on her way and he loves her more than any father could love their child. The friend then remarks that Virat must also love his wife greatly. This remark causes Virat to fall silent. Back at home, Ashwini lovingly prepares kheer for Saavi and praises Sai’s understanding nature and compassion for others to Ninad. Ashwini then reflects on how she had forced Sai into marrying Satya in an attempt to save Paakhi’s marriage, unaware that Sai and Virat were still very much in love and lost in each other’s memories.

Satya contacts nurse Rani, requesting to speak with Sai. However, Rani informs him that Sai is currently in the labor room and will take some time to come out. Realizing he has some free time, Satya decides to pick up Saavi from school and takes her home on his bike. Soon after, Virat arrives at the school and inquires about Saavi from the watchman, who reveals that she left with Satya earlier. As they all gather back at home, Saavi entertains herself by dancing while watching a video on TV. However, when the TV suddenly turns off, Saavi becomes worried about how she will continue learning to dance. Luckily, Maddy and Gowri come to her aid and teach her some moves on the song “Pingada Pori”. Alka aaji also joins in on the fun. Just then, Amba enters and questions their sudden joyous activity. Seeing their nervous expressions, she joins them in dancing instead of reprimanding them. Meanwhile, Satya decides to video call Sai and shows her how everyone is having a good time dancing together.

Virat barges in and bellows at Satya. His family glares at him, infuriated by his presence. He proceeds to spout off about his own self-importance. Satya inquires if he is still under the influence. Virat demands to know why Saavi is present. Amba reveals that Saavi resides here now. Virat ridicules their teachings to his daughter and warns Satya to watch his language. The tension escalates as they both grab each other’s collars. Saavi intervenes, questioning the reason for their confrontation. Satya accuses Virat of shamelessly crashing their gathering, while Virat accuses Satya of intentionally bringing him home, knowing he was picking up Sai there.

While watching Saavi and Satya’s argument, Saavi informs Virat of a misunderstanding between them. However, Satya reveals that Saavi is also his daughter. This causes Virat to angrily demand an explanation from Satya. Sai then intervenes and clarifies that Satya was not aware that he was supposed to pick up Saavi from school. Despite Sai’s attempt to defend her husband, Virat continues to accuse him of wrongdoing. Sai then recalls informing Satya about Saavi staying at Chavan nivas for a few days but forgetting to inform Virat. Amba cautions Virat to resolve his issues at home and refrain from visiting them in the future so as not to cause further problems. Unwillingly, Virat agrees with her warning and packs his bags as Saavi comes over and takes him away while Satya remains fuming.


Saavi tells Virat that Satya is taking Sai on a honeymoon, so Sai sends her to Chavan nivas. Virat tongue lashes Sai, but Sai says she is going to a conference instead. Satya gets angry overhearing their conversation.

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