Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Prachi coming downstairs to make khichdi for Manpreet. She sees Ranbir and smiles. Mihika tells Divya that Manpreet thinks Prachi is right, and that she stays within her limits. Divya sees Manpreet coming and tells Mihika they have to do something, as her life will be caught if Prachi tells her anything. Mihika asks her to wait.

As soon as Prachi tells Manpreet that she is going to make her favorite thing, he gets a phone call and leaves. Mihika asks where Ranbir is? They see Ranbir leaving. Prachi puts rice and a bowl in the bowl. Mihika says no. Divya tells Mihika about the blast and asks if it will blast in the house completely. Prachi will experience pain, Divya says.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen and asks how do you remember everything, if you had a chip. Mihika says she will feel pain as soon as she burns. Servant comes and tells Prachi that she will give Bua ji medicine. Prachi asks her to give BP medicine because she didn’t have it yesterday.

In response to Ranbir’s question if Prachi takes care of herself, the servant says she loves everyone. She says Mihika was upset with her, so I wondered if you were fine. Prachi says Mihika loves her and is possessive of her. She says she loves Ranbir and will kill Prachi at once. She says she wants my love, even though she knows she loves him. Mihika said I warned Prachi, but she didn’t listen.

Prachi asks Ranbir if she loves me? He says that when you feel shy, I love you more and become mad for you. Prachi asks him to leave. He lights the match stick and tries. Mihika asks Divya to help her find Ranbir. Servant says he is in the kitchen. Mihika gets shocked and pushes her and runs. Divya also runs away from the kitchen. Servant wonders what happened to them.

From the in-house temple, Ranbir says he will get a matchstick. Prachi searches for the lighter as Mihika and Divya are running there. Prachi finds the lighter and says she would have stopped Ranbir if she had found it. As Prachi attempts to use the lighter, Mihika stops her and asks about Ranbir. Prachi tells her he was here, but left to get a matchstick from the temple.

When Ranbir thinks he has a lighter in his pocket, he thinks it is foolish that he does not remember when he was in the kitchen. When Ranbir receives a call, he goes to the side to speak. Mihika and Divya come there and don’t see Ranbir and leave. Prachi asks Ranbir to take the lighter from him. When Ranbir sees the gas escaping from the cylinder and the pipe being pulled out on the ground, Prachi informs that she has a lighter and is about to light the stove.

As Ranbir pulls Prachi, the lighter sparks and the cylinder blasts. Ranbir manages to fall down with Prachi to safety. Everyone comes to the kitchen, and Ranbir’s jacket catches fire. Akshay and Abhay try to put it out.

Ranbir is covered in a blanket by Ashok. Akshay and Ashok take Ranbir and Prachi from the kitchen and bring them to the room. Prachi scolds Ranbir as he sees his tshirt and back burnt. Vishaka says he saved you and you’re scolding him. Ranbir says she cares for me, so that’s why she’s scolding me. Ashok asks how did this happen? Mihika says it might have been an accident or leaking pipes.

The pipe was changed two days ago, Manpreet says. Prachi asks Ranbir to lie down on the bed. Ranbir asks Prachi why did you do this? He says he tried to save her. Vishaka calls the doctor and gives Ashok the call. After that, Mihika is upset. Ashok tells the doctor about Ranbir and sees Mihika leave.

Akshay informs Abhay that Ranbir’s back is burnt. He tells Abhay I will save Prachi, but Ranbir saves her instead. He says I don’t understand what I am doing here, and explains that he did not save Prachi from a car accident, and now Ranbir saved Prachi and I was setting fire to Dad’s house. Apparently, Ranbir has become a hero in Prachi’s eyes, so now I have to deal with everything. Abhay asks him to stop, and Mihika seems upset.

As a result of Ranbir’s wrongdoings, Mihika says that no one can love him as much as she does. She says I have attempted murder in order to get him, and says I am going to kill Prachi. She asks if anyone has loved anyone as much as I have. She says I have tried to kill her and failed her car brakes, and now I have tried to kill her with a cylinder blast. She asks if I will stop killing her. Abhay hears and wonders if Akshay finds out and what’s going on. According to him, whatever is happening is wrong and madness.

Prachi says she’ll get it and leaves. Doctor appreciates her. Akshay says Prachi decides everything about my daughter and me. He thanks Ranbir for saving Prachi and says I have to save you in order to save Prachi. He says I don’t want to say and goes. Prachi asks him if he feels pain. Ranbir says no. Ashok realizes what his doctor told him. Akshay returns to his room.

Ashok comes there and tells you that so much is happening in you, you want to do something and something else is happening. Akshay asks what you want to say. Ashok says he has brought him up. He tries to explain and asks him to leave where he wants to be. Akshay asks what he means.

Akshay tells Ashok not to be angry with Prachi and to allow her to take care of Ranbir. Afterwards, Akshay says he will ask him for advice if I need it. Ashok knocks on the door and asks him to listen to him. Ashok knocks on the door and asks him to listen to him. Akshay says he doesn’t want to talk to him. Abhay knocks on the door. Akshay opens the door and says he doesn’t want to talk to him. Abhay says he wants to talk to you.

The girl says who cares, he can do whatever he wants. Vishaka slaps her and asks if I should tell the Police, then you will get arrested. Ashok hears these words. Vishaka asks if she should tell them what will happen next? She asks them to calm down. Ashok recalls what had happened. He sees Manpreet. She tells him she is leaving with Ranbir. She asks Sangeeta if she has cleaned the kitchen. She then asks Ashok what he is thinking? Ashok says we should send our kids away.


Divya hears Mihika telling Divya that she will not allow anything to happen to Ranbir, so she will separate Prachi and Ranbir first.


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