Faltu 9th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 9th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ayaan introduces Faltu. Aditya asks who she is. The kid says his friend. Aditya says that’s a unique name. Ayaan says you came and I got a big surprise. During Udit Narayan’s performance on stage, everyone claps. Aditya says kids are having a great time, we’ll sing the next song for Ayaan and his life. Everyone claps for Udit ji as he sings Falak tak chal… Ayaan and Faltu dream of dancing romantically.

Savi says Tanu is a bad girl, she is staring at Ayaan and Faltu, and I’m going to jail her. Chiku says to sing a kid’s song for me. Aditya says dance and enjoys the next song. He sings Chota bacha jaanke… Tanu calls. She says there shouldn’t be any mistakes. She smiles and says game over. Aditya says this next song can never get old. They sing Papa kehte hai… Faltu recalls Charan. Ayaan recalls Janardhan. Tanu calls Faltu. She says, “I saw rats in the storeroom, I’m afraid of them, can you go see?” Faltu goes to see. The man pours kerosene there. Aditya sings Ram ji ki chal dekho.

The storeroom locks Faltu in. She asks someone to open the door. She finds kerosene oil there. The fire catches up. She gets shocked. Ayaan thanks Aditya and Udit. Charan also thanks them. Two kids also get caught in the fire. They cry. The boy says we came here because we were hungry. Faltu shouts for help.

It was Ayaan who saved Charan’s respect. Ayaan says you don’t need to thank me. Charan asks Jamuna to get the kids food. Ayaan asks Charan if they have seen Faltu anywhere. Charan signs no. They hear Faltu screaming and rushing to see. Faltu says, Faltu, you forced me to do this, you left me with no choice.

Ayaan comes and asks Faltu not to worry. Charan says we are here. He asks Pratap and Ratan to come. Ayaan says Antima, no kid should come here. Jamuna wails. Ayaan says stay behind Faltu. Faltu protects the kids. Ayaan gets hurt. Tanu asks what happened. Ayaan says Faltu make sure the kids are fine, where is the fire brigade. Tanu asks what, kids are stuck inside. Faltu tries to break the door with a stick. Charan says he’s going in.

When Charan asks what he will tell your parents, Ayaan says no, I can’t meet Faltu’s eyes if anything happens to you. He breaks the door. He sees Faltu. Ayaan says we have no time. Ratan gets a blanket. Ayaan covers himself and enters the fire. Tanu thinks what should I do now, Ayaan may be in danger.


Taking Faltu away, Ayaan says I want to find out who locked me there. Tanisha sent me there. Ayaan looks at Tanu.

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