Dabangii 3rd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Determination and Tanmay’s Scheme

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The Episode begins with Kasturi reprimanding Tanmay and ushering her away. Arya informs us that she has made a wager with Tanmay. In response, Bela scolds her and accompanies Zai. Ekalavya appreciates Arya for keeping her temper in check as he embraces her. Ankush expresses his satisfaction at seeing her utilizing both her emotions and intellect. Ankita highlights the importance of Arya passing the upcoming written test in a month’s time frame. She advises others to ensure she is prepared for it. Satya approaches Kasturi and suggests that she should not give up so easily. He offers to train Tanmay while they both journey to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister during their kitty party.

Ankush advises Arya, warning them to be careful in the upcoming contest. Satya questions Tanmay about their competition, and Tanmay mentions Zai as a potential rival. Satya asks for clarification on their most potent adversary, and Tanmay names Arya. Ankush reminds them not to let their guard down, as even those close to them may turn against them. Arya expresses disappointment in Ankush for breaking their trust. Satya suggests that if they cannot control someone, they must eliminate them, referencing past events involving Arya. In response, Tanmay declares their intention to defeat Arya.

Baba says, give her some time, Ankush says I don’t have time, Ankita mentioned a memory and a written test, but Baba says she won’t take them. He says I have to find a way. Vijay calls him and says there has been no movement here so far. Ankush says fine, stay there. Let me know if anything changes. As Bela trains Zai, Ankush watches. He sees everyone practicing for the memory test and wonders if he should train Arya differently.

Arya greets Ekalavya. She asks if we should start cleaning now. Ankush says no, get a few things from the store. He tells her what to get. He gives the money to her. She asks how I’ll remember all these things. He says keep it in mind and get it. She buys the items in the shop.

She comes home and gives the things to Ankush. He says it’s just a few items. Ankush says it’s only 2-3 items from 14. She goes back to the store and buys the things. She collides with Satya. He asks where she’s going. She says I’m buying things. He says it’s good, show me what’s inside. He eats the almonds. She says it’s expensive, why did you eat it, give it to me.

Arya asks if you’re going to ask me for money. She says it’s my stuff. He gives her the money. She leaves. He says she’s working hard, going to the warehouse tomorrow, and her chapter is over. He gives her a card and says call on this number, I’ll send things home. The man smiles. She gives them to Ankush.

He asks how you remembered all this. She recalls meeting Ekalavya and getting the idea to remember things using the initials of the words. Baba laughs and says she’s smart. Ankush says yes, we need to guide her in the right direction. Tanmay recalls Satya’s words. Kasturi asks what happened. According to him, Satya asked me to destroy Arya, but I don’t know how.

Kasturi reassures, “Don’t be afraid.” Then he asks quietly, “Will you help me without telling Dad?” Kasturi nods in agreement. “Dad wants me to make Arya sit in the white car,” he continues. “It will take her far away until the competition is over. I’ll win if she’s not here. But if she refuses, then…” Kasturi interrupts, concerned. “We need to come up with a plan. Who does Arya love the most?” He answers, “Her Aai.” Kasturi says thoughtfully, “You’re clever. Let’s think of something together.” Ankush remembers the pen he gave her when she got her first teaching assignment and advised, “Listen to me, Bela.” She leaves to ponder their conversation.

As Ekalavya says, don’t tell Arya I’m hiding here. Ankush agrees. Arya looks for her. Tanmay tells Ekalavya that Arya’s mother is alive, why is her father hiding her from her mother, my dad is meeting her mother tomorrow, and then he will take Arya, and once she’s gone, we will be at peace. He goes. Ekalavya thinks. Baba says we can’t keep Damini’s picture at home. Ankush says we can remember her in our hearts and pray for her.

Ekalavya says I just heard Tanmay say your mum is alive. Arya is shocked. Ekalavya says Tanmay’s dad will meet your mum tomorrow and take you as well. Tanmay would be lying because he has fooled me before. Ekalavya says he didn’t realize I was hearing him, but I will tell you. She says maybe he saw you. He asks how he can find out if he is telling the truth. She says I know how.


Arya sits in Satya’s car. Satya looks on. She reaches someplace. She sees goons. She asks where Satya is.

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