Anupama 13th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Written episode of Anupama 13th April 2023, written update on

In the background, Anuj recollects Vanraj’s statement that Anuj’s love broke Anupama more than Vanraj’s betrayal, etc. The song “Bekhayali Mein Bhi Tera Hi Khayal Hai” plays. While recalling Anupama enjoying with her children, he breaks a crate of cold drink bottles to vent out his frustration.

He reaches out to Devika and says saving a relationship is better than breaking a bottle. She says that the one he came here for isn’t here, and the one he left is still on his mind. She asks if he doesn’t think he should go back home. Anuj asks what he should do when returning home after Anu has moved on.

Devika says he is the world’s biggest fool if he thinks so. Anuj says Vanraj met him and showed him photos of Anupama with her children. Devika asks if he is trusting Vanraj. Anuj says he is trusting his own eyes. Devika says photos only capture a moment, not what happened before or after. Anuj says Anu was dancing and singing before that.

Devika asks if he didn’t smile when he met Little Anu, a mother who laughs even while crying for her children and gulps her sorrows, he knows Anupama can do anything for her children. This is the issue, Anuj says. She can do anything for her children but not his daughter. She didn’t let even him do anything, he lost his daughter while she sings with them. Devika asks if Anupama should sacrifice her life or wander on roads to convince him that she is in sorrow; Anu is not happy but is just acting; even he can enjoy Anu with him. In Devika’s opinion, it’s his stubbornness. In Anuj’s opinion, it’s his anger. In Devika’s view, it’s his foolishness that he trusts Vanraj over his Anupama.

Anuj says he doesn’t trust Vanraj, why would he return when Anupama has moved on, he himself told Anu via Kanta not to wait for him. Devika says he’s such an idiot, he asked Anu to move on and is complaining now that she’s doing that. Anuj says he’s lost. Anuj picks up Barkha’s call. Barkha asks if he needs his clothes or any other stuff. Anuj says he doesn’t need anything as he bought it himself. Barkha asks what about Anupama’s stuff. Anuj recalls the video and says she can do whatever she likes.

Bhavesh says people forget their favours easily. Kanta tells Anupama that Kinjal called and informed her about Dimpy’s actions. Anu fought for Dimple with the entire world, which got her out of her academy. Neither Anupama nor Dimple does favours to get something back in return; they do what feels right to them.

They don’t help others get backstabbed by them, Bhavesh says. Anupama says let’s change the subject. Kanta asks if she didn’t feel bad as that dance academy was her identity. When Anupama was an old Anupama, she would have felt bad, but as a brand new Anupama, she believes it is God’s will, and that it was God’s wish that her life would start over.

Kanta asks her to start it at home. Anupama says she designed it alone. Bhavesh asks why there is no address on it. Anupama says she hasn’t finalized a location yet. Anupama says there would be a lot of disturbance. Kanta says she will feel good instead, and let her new life begin from here. Anupama happily thanks, Kanta. Kanta asks who should thank the mother. Anupama replies that a mother is the only person who acts like one.

Anupama suggests they do the changes in the morning. Bhavesh asks why not start now. They change the place. Anupama says Bhavesh will be the admin and will handle the accounts. Anupama says they’ll start with Kanta’s service in the morning, then Bhavesh’s pickle and papad business, and then her dance class in the evening. Bhavesh jokes that he’ll give some money to even the old lady. Kanta twists their ears and says she’s boss.

As a good vibe, Anupama asks Kanta to draw a Swastik on a wall. Kanta draws Swastik. Anupama looks at her dance academy board. Bhavesh and Kanta clap for her. Aashayein… plays in the background. As Barkha opens Anupama’s cupboard, Ankush notices her and asks what the hell she is doing here, it is Anuj and Anupama’s room, not a park where she gatecrashed. Barkha says that she used to live there, but now it is empty. Ankush says just for a few days and asks what she will do next.

He will find out later, Barkha says. Maaya asks Anuj to stop because he won’t get sleep. Anuj says he would rather die than sleep. After recalling Vanraj’s words, Anuj gulps mugs of black coffee. Although Maaya thinks it is good that Anuj is venting his anger on Anupama, she cannot let him become self-destructive.

His clothes should be changed by tomorrow when Little Anu arrives. At Shah house, Leela decorates the house and says she is preparing for the festival. Pakhi comments that if one thing is normal in this house, another thing goes wrong. Hasmukh asks Pakhi what happened. Pakhi does not answer.

They are acting weird since they returned from Anupama’s house, Leela says. Kinjal says nothing happened. Pakhhi reminds Kavya not to act too good like Anupama and reveals Dimpy stole her dance academy. Hasmukh says it was Anupama’s dance academy. Upon Dimple’s crying, Anupama handed over her dance academy to Dimple and left with her stuff, Pakhi says.

Anupama looks at the dance academy poster and then a cot on the floor and asks Bhavesh why he kept it there. Bhavesh unveils a rangoli on the floor and says she will teach dance on it.

Dimple enters and shouts its enough. Anupama and Kanta distribute their dance academy pamphlets. Vanraj confronts Samar about Anupama’s identity and he asks him to accept it that Dimple did wrong.

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