Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2023 Written Update

In the episode, Laali asks Ranbir if he will really take care of her education. Ranbir agrees and thanks her for agreeing to his statements. Laali says she will, if I make her leave earning and get her an education for her.

Ranbir asks why you are getting angry, she is a small girl and how she will earn for you. Laali says people are heartbroken when they see her and buy all her flowers.

As she asks him to leave, Ranbir says he will go. He sees Laali asking Khushi to do the work and leaves.

She tells Dadi that Prachi will not come home early if you race. Dadi says I am getting happy and asks her not to talk. Shahana asks what? The doorbell rings. Dadi asks her to open it.

Prachi thinks of Payal and says she shall not overthink. Shahana says she gets worried when she doesn’t help others.

Dadi says if she needs your help then she will ask you and you will help her. Shahana says Dadi is dancing standing on one leg and has been waiting for you.

When Dadi asks Prachi if she talked to Khushi’s mother, Prachi says she could not go today, but she will go tomorrow. She says she will pray to God to get Khushi.

She tells Pallavi that she doesn’t know anything. Pallavi says she knows you well, Ranbir told her everything from childhood. She requests her to tell her what’s in his heart. Ranbir went to Khushi’s mother, and she asks what he talked about.

Dida says he called you on the phone. Pallavi says I kept the door open for him to come inside. Ranbir comes in. Pallavi asks if you talked to Khushi’s mother about her adoption. Ranbir says he will. Pallavi asks him to do that.

Ranbir says he has decided to bring Khushi here. He says you are right that the lady doesn’t care for Khushi and scolds, beats and treats her badly.

Dida says I know. Pallavi says I can’t wait for a minute longer. He says Khushi is just a means of earning money.

Pallavi says we have to bring Khushi here before someone takes her. He says he’ll speak to the lawyer, and if the woman finds out about this, then she’ll demand money.

Khushi tells Laali that someone is at the door. Laali asks her to open the door. Khushi opens the door and sees Prachi. She asks her to come in. Prachi asks why you are wearing the same clothes and asks her to change.

She insists on making me wear the clothes they bought for me. Khushi insists that she has to return them and purchase something for their Maayi. Prachi then offers to buy a saree for her Maayi and states that they’d chosen these clothes with love and she looked great in them. Khushi then decides to put on her old dress, so Prachi suggests calling Maayi instead. Khushi’s scared of getting scolded by her, so Prachi then gets her some needle and thread to mend the tear. Right after, she shows Khushi how it’s done. But when Khushi asks if Prachi can teach her stitching, Prachi simply says, “No need – I’ll be here with you forever”. And just like that, a question surfaces from Khushi- will she stay with her forever? To which Prachi answers positively as long as she likes it; and at this point, Khushi wraps her in an embrace to show appreciation.

In the room, Laali is tying her hair, while her boyfriend comes out after her, buttoning his shirt. Laali asks if we can take her shopping. Prachi replies that your daughter is lovely and makes anyone feel like her.

Aali sends Khushi to get her phone recharged. Khushi goes. Laali asks Prachi why she is getting so much love on her. Prachi says I want to talk to you. Prachi may feel bad and think how can I talk to you like this as a woman.

Prachi says Khushi is a lovely girl and I can give her a good upbringing and a good life. She then tells Laali about her daughter Panchi, who used to love me a lot and made me stronger.

My life went with her, and she says I spent my life just spending my life and had drowned myself in work. She says she came into this world and was in my hands, but I couldn’t see her properly, and then I lost her. My heart says she would have been like your Khushi and I see her in yours.

According to her, I want to do everything for Khushi that I couldn’t do for my Panchi. She says I wanted to give my Panchi a good life and love. I will have a daughter and my life will be complete when Khushi comes into my life.

In response to the guy’s question, Laali says she wants Khushi and would like to exchange it for money. Prachi says she didn’t say, so the guy asks why I’m giving money. Laali says a man had come in a car and said the same thing. She says I’ll tell you later. Prachi says she wants to adopt Khushi.

As it is my daughter’s matter, Laali says I must think and tell you about it. She tells Prachi to drink tea and not cry. Prachi leaves. Laali laughs. Her boyfriend tells her to ask for a lot of money from her and that Khushi is in demand. She says she will ask for a huge sum, that they will live lavishly.

She says you didn’t take me to Noida. He says you’ll give me some money, I’ll take you, and we’ll get married as well. Khushi comes there. Laali says the bone in the meat came back. Khushi gives her the address to pick up the flowers.

The lady asks Laali if she came fast. She asks Khushi to lift the flower basket and take her from there. Her boyfriend asks her not to forget about the outing. Laali gives him a flying kiss.

There is a lady named Payal who accuses Ranbir of molestation. Prachi Arora is the witness. Ranbir says, Prachi. Prachi arrives just then. Ranbir and Prachi see each other for the first time.

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