Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode opens with Vishaka approaching the Manager, expressing their desire to meet RV. Poorvi then pleads with the Manager for a meeting regarding their catering business. Unfortunately, the Manager informs them that RV is not available at the moment. Determined to meet him, Vishaka insists on having him called. However, they are eventually asked to leave the office. Just as they exit, RV arrives and overhears a group of people protesting against him. The Manager discreetly mentions that some women had visited earlier but chooses not to divulge any further information. However, RV sees this as an opportunity for publicity. Meanwhile, Poorvi and Vishaka continue their conversation while walking on the street, expressing their frustration about being kicked out of the office and even losing their food bag in the process. As they pass by a lady on the street, Vishaka reminds herself that she was there for a potential business meeting with her.

Poorvi looks at the boy there. RV is talking on the phone and asks the driver to increase the AC. Poorvi spots RV’s speedy car about to hit the boy and saves him. Poorvi is shouted out by Vishaka. The driver stops the car as the people stop her. Poorvi says we are not interested in any money, but Vishaka says RV corporation made this car. Driver goes to RV to tell him something. Vishaka tells her that he tried to kill her daughter.

As the Mitwa song plays, Poorvi cleans the mud from RV’s car window. She turns to see Vishaka calling her, causing her dupatta to fall onto him. Vishaka inquires about why she cleaned his car, and the lady expresses gratitude towards Poorvi for saving her son. Poorvi humbly brushes off the thanks and reminds them to take care of him. However, unbeknownst to them, RV overhears their conversation before the driver takes off. Later on, Vishaka warns Poorvi about RV’s character and reveals that he didn’t respond when she called him earlier, cursing him in the process. They arrive home shortly afterwards.

They are told that Manpreet and Prachi got a call from RV’s manager, and they got the order back. Ashok says they were told that an old lady shouted at them. Prachi said the Manager tasted the food left by you. Poorvi thanks God and asks God to bless RV manager at the in-house temple. Manpreet praises Poorvi for having all Prachi’s qualities.

As a saint/fakhir baba approaches RV’s car, RV gives him money. The saint/fakhir baba blesses him. He doesn’t believe everything he hears, so he leaves. Fakhir baba says you’ll believe one day. Prachi gets injured while keeping the plates. Poorvi takes her to the hospital for first aid. Prachi recalls Ranbir worrying for her in the same way, and then applying her ointment, saying it will burn, but it is necessary.

In response, Poorvi bandages her finger. She says she will load everything, and kisses her cheeks as she says, “Love you!” Prachi recalls Ranbir doing the same, and stops Poorvi. She gets emotional and thinks Ranbir is not with him, but with his daughter, who is the same as him as her. She hugs her and then says she will load things. Poorvi thinks she has understood that RV prefers fights.

As Ashok makes Manpreet wear the mangalsutra, Prachi looks at them and goes. As Prachi does the work, Manpreet senses Prachi’s loneliness. She thinks of Ranbir and reminisces about her time with him. Rula ke gaya ishq tera plays….Manpreet asks Ashok why he did this in front of Prachi. He asks what? Manpreet says you made me wear mangalsutra? Prachi is lonely since Ranbir left. Ashok feels the same way.

As Prachi pulls out her mangalsutra from the box, she wishes Ranbir would be there with her. She imagines Ranbir taking the mangalsutra in his hand and making her sit and wear it. Prachi cries. He kisses her on the forehead and signs her not to cry. The song plays…He wipes her tears and holds her hands. Prachi smiles and closes her eyes as he holds her hands.

RV meets the client and tells RV corp is the best. A guy is seen on the video call laughing. RV says I’m serious about work, but it seems like Mr. Kakkar isn’t serious about work, which is why he is not here. Mr. Kakkar’s face is shown. He is Ranbir. Then Robert tells RV that Krishna Kakkar doesn’t like RV’s insult. Krishna accepts it and asks RV what he was talking about.

Prachi says she knows your existence is impossible, but she wishes you were alive, and Krishna takes off his goggles. Ram Ram Jai Shri Ram plays…


Pihu teases Poorvi’s fiancé and Krishna tells him that time and hard work are important to him. Poorvi looks at RV in the car while Pihu teases her.


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