Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th February 2023 Written Episode update


During Brar jeweller’s promotional event, Garry unveils their most premium diamond necklace. Reporters ask Garry what the price is, and he answers that it’s priceless, meaning that its price hasn’t been determined yet. Reporters say Angad must be fixing the price. Angad will, Garry frowns and says let’s see who gets this priceless piece.

Seerat thought Angad would be too miserly to get her what she wanted, but Garry came up to her, asking if she was thinking of him. She apologized and he questioned why had chosen her as the chief guest for the event – he pointed out that due to his shy nature, he doesn’t like to meddle in other people’s affairs while not wanting them to interfere in his either, with a very small circle of friends. He insisted that looking after her best interests was his biggest priority; she was hoping he’d say he loved her.

Sahiba is informed that Seerat has gone missing from home. Kulcha asks if Seerat eloped. Sudha asks Santosh to hurry up as Brars are calling her. Santosh asks her to go down and handle Brars until she finds Seerat. Sahiba asks Santosh if Seerat said anything before leaving the house.

He recalls Seerat’s desire to visit a parlour and remarks that it is of no use to look pretty when she can’t show it to someone waiting for her. Santosh says Seerat came and disconnects the call. Ajith walks in and says he searched the whole area for Seerat, but couldn’t find her. He scolds her for spoiling Seerat with lenience. Aith leaves. Santosh wonders where Seerat has gone.

She tells Garry that she should be happy that she is marrying a man she likes and settling down in life. Garry says it’s her parents’ choice. He says she should choose a boy, not her parents, and says Angad has wasted time meeting and would have been spending time caring for Seerat. A waiter slips and drops juice towards Seerat.

Seeing Jasleen hear her conversation, Seerat asks Santosh not to worry because she will find Seerat. Santosh prays for God to send Seerat home somehow. Garry pulls her towards him and looks into her eyes. She gets tense when she sees Jasleen listening to her conversation. Jasleen walks to her house and says it is very beautiful and asks why she is shocked as if she had seen a ghost. Santosh says no, and he just wanted to check on Seerat. Jasleen asks where Seerat is.

Seerat apologizes to Garry. Garry scolds the waiter and orders him to apologize to Seerat. Seerat says it’s okay, but Garry says it’s not okay since he doesn’t want his dear ones hurt. Seerat asks him if she’s a dear one to him, but Angad doesn’t think so. She asks him what else he would do for her.

He says he would have married her and gone to exotic locations for a honeymoon. She gets more impressed and hopes she marries Garry instead. He keeps impressing her and badmouths Angad. Sudha tries to manage Brars. Brars insist on calling Seerat. Jasleen doesn’t think she can tell them Seerat isn’t at home.

While searching for Seerat, Sahiba thinks she should call the cab Santosh hired today, since Seerat must have taken it with her. Brars insist they call Seerat, but Ajith informs them that Seerat is not at home. They stand in shock and ask where she is. Santosh replies that she went to the parlour so she could look her best.

Ajith apologizes to them and Santosh tries to manage. Manveer then asks why she called them home. Jasleen asks what they will do next time they visit with Baraat. As girls like to look beautiful, Angad supports Seerat. Santosh thanks him. Sudha says her older niece loves makeup.

Sudha repeats what she said. Manveer asks Santosh why she said Seerat is her only daughter. Ajith says he has 3 daughters. Brars stand shocked while Santosh hides her anxiety.

Manveer tells Santosh that her daughter doesn’t value time or people, so they can’t continue their partnership.

Upon entering, Sahiba is shocked when Garry proposes to Seerat.

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