Suhaagan 28th May 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 28th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Payal and Bindiya being shocked to see their farm engulfed in flames. Bindiya attempts to approach the burning fire, but Master ji stops her, explaining that they are trying to extinguish it. Bindiya rushes to get water and throws it into the fire. The villagers join in the efforts, using buckets of water to combat the flames. Payal wonders why Bindiya is doing this and goes to her, urging her to stay composed.

Kaka questions how the fire started and mentions that everything was fine when their uncle visited earlier in the afternoon. They are perplexed by the absence of Phoolwati and Bhim, considering that all the other villagers have gathered there. One of the villagers warns that they need to put out the fire quickly to prevent it from spreading to other farms. Phoolwati blames herself for not taking better care of the farm.

Phoolwati and Bhim are shown to be happy, discussing Bindiya’s delayed arrival. Phoolwati assumes that Bindiya is taking time to recover from the shock. Bindiya and Payal return home, where Phoolwati and Bhim pretend to be asleep. They are startled to see Payal back. Bansi instructs Rekha to bring ice and threatens to call the goons. In the kitchen, Rekha retrieves a knife. Bindiya confides in Dadi, sharing everything that happened.

Dadi expresses her uncertainty about who could have set the farm on fire. Bindiya firmly believes that only evil spirits could be responsible for this. Dadi implies that Madan and Rekha are more cunning and scheming than Phoolwati, as they always seem to be a step ahead of her. Payal informs Dadi about the wickedness of Madan and Rekha. Phoolwati arrives and complains that her mother didn’t trust her and instead believed Madan. She claims that if Bindiya had sold the farm, she would have at least received some money, unlike the ashes they now have. Rekha contemplates self-harm after Bansi leaves but eventually decides to go to her parent’s home.

Phoolwati urges Bindiya to consider selling the farm, emphasizing that they need the money for roses. She suggests that by selling the farm, they can secure Payal’s future as well. Phoolwati asks Bindiya to think it through, and Bindiya agrees, admitting her mistake and expressing her willingness to sell the farm. Dadi advises her to reconsider, but Phoolwati smiles cunningly.

Madan reminds Rekha to consider what the neighbours will think of him. Rekha insists that he must repay Bansi’s loan before she goes back to her parent’s home. Dadi tells Bindiya that the farm is valuable to them. Bindiya blames herself for the unfortunate events and realizes that by selling the farm, they can pay for their school fees and Dadi’s treatment. She apologizes to her parents’ portrait. Phoolwati commends Bindiya for making the right decision and mentions that a buyer is interested in the farm, although not at the same price due to the fire damage. She asks if she should negotiate with the buyer. Bindiya agrees and tells her to proceed.


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