Faltu 26th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode opens with Ayaan saying it’s my mistake, not Faltu’s. He asks Tanu to give Lajjo’s number. Tanu says no, the number was deleted when I reset my phone. Suhana has Pratap’s number, but Harsh says she went to school, so we won’t get it until she comes. Ayaan says I should speak to Faltu, I don’t want a divorce. Harsh says I should attend the important meeting.

Tanu insists that Ayaan should leave, as their presence might offend someone else. She reveals that Faltu has already left and she wants a divorce. However, Ayaan expresses his desire to not go through with the divorce. Tanu asserts that she doesn’t wish to stay with him anymore. Janardhan intervenes, supporting Ayaan’s perspective, explaining that Faltu is upset, and Ayaan has already sent her the divorce papers.. Don’t worry, she will return. Savita asks whether you will force her to stay with you if she doesn’t wish to. Ayaan replies yes, but I won’t let her go away from me. He tears the papers and leaves

Savita asks what he did. Janardhan says he wants to fix his relationship, so no one should interfere. Tanu gets upset. She calls Charan. He asks if you received the divorce papers. She says yes, she didn’t need to come here, Ayaan is very upset. Ayaan asks why does he care, he got the divorce papers, she doesn’t belong with you all, stay away. She asks why isn’t she going back to you. He says no, she will stay here to fulfill her dreams.

She inquires what’s going on; why does she wish to remain here? He assures her there is nothing to worry about. She inquires if Ayaan has submitted the papers to court and if Faltu signed them, and then proposes sending some money and requests his daughter’s address. He tells her it is not necessary; she can handle herself without help from him or his daughter, urging her to stay away from Faltu. She remarks that they intend to set aside themselves from Faltu, so she has been striving hard for when her chapter starts after hers ends. Sid suddenly appears asking what chapter, and he embraces her.

Dada ji instructs Neil to hurry, while Kaka insists that he has some karela juice for his wellbeing. He then requests curd and sugar from Dada ji. “Drink this or else I’ll call Neil”, he adds as Faltu watches. Once Neil arrives, she playfully grabs him in her arms, only to drop him not so gently afterwards. Taking a sip of his drink, Dada ji witnesses them bickering and smiles knowingly. He reassures Faltu by noting that he won’t tell the Mittals she is residing there and she nods in agreement, stating that she doesn’t want her past to affect her future. With this promise made, they all set off.

He inquires in surprise, “What? Did she also sign the divorce papers?” She confirms, “Yes, she came here and left the divorce papers. Faltu has moved on, and Ayaan should do the same.” Tanu adds, “Faltu signed the divorce papers today.” Sid says yes, you can stop worrying about Ayaan, we can focus on our life, we’ll go on a honeymoon. She asks him to freshen up. He says it’s already late, I missed you so much. Faltu talks to Charan on the phone. She asks him to take care of her. Seeing cricket, she begins to cry.

She practices. Tanu says take rest. Sid says I’m not tired, I was thinking about Mom’s words, she wanted to become Dadi, I know you’re not ready, we can never get ready, does anyone prepare for this, there is no need for us to stop, you won’t have any burden, staying in a joint family, everyone will take care of your child. She says everyone will think we are selfish, Ayaan’s marriage broke, how will he react?
Faltu gets a file. He says you’re talking about Ayaan. She says we’re a family and we’ll share joy and sorrow, once his life gets sorted out, I can think about it without guilt. Dada Ji told her this is an important file, how will the deal go if we don’t have it, I’ll ask Kaka for this, I forgot, he’s at the hospital, so I’m not sure how to send it. She thinks about Ayaan and stops.

He stops Neil and says she told us not to tell anything about the deal. Neil tells Dada ji he heard a lot about Ayaan. Dada ji says Neil was researching the deal. He says Neil remembers. Ayaan asks what you’re going to have. Dada ji says nothing. Neil says what I’ll have won’t be allowed here, drinks. He laughs and says black coffee is fine. Ayaan agrees. Dada ji is asked to explain his thought to the group.

He asks Neil to give him the file. The manager says Sir, you were supposed to receive it. Dada ji asks if Neil forgot the file. Neil says it’s fine, we’ll get Faltu to get it. Dada ji apologizes for forgetting it. Ayaan says we can’t have the meeting without the documents, so we’ll postpone it and fix it again. Neil says he will send a driver to get it. We don’t have time, we have more meetings. Neil says the meeting is important, I apologized, but you’re acting like you didn’t make any mistakes.

Ayaan enquires as to how Faltu is addressing him in his office. Faltu worries that if the deal gets cancelled, he won’t be able to tell Dada ji that he has a file pertaining to it; perhaps Dada ji has no knowledge of it and hence it would need to be delivered to him. On the other hand, Dada ji calls home and requests Ayaan and Neil to put an end to their childish behaviour. In response, Neil states that there is no way they are willing to work with the concerned people because of insolence and carelessness. Ayaan adds that manners should be taught by Dada ji and then concludes by saying that the deal isn’t going through anyhow.
We do not want to do business, Neil says. Sid and Harsh arrive. Sid asks what’s going on. Ayaan says he’s misbehaving. Dada ji asks Neil to apologize. Neil says no, he can’t handle his life, I am still better than him, I am not ruining anyone’s life. Ayaan asks whose life have I ruined. Dada ji asks Neil to end it here. Ayaan asks Neil to say it. Janardhan tells Ayaan to stop it. Ayaan says it’s enough, Sir. Take him home and teach him some manners, Sir.

He scolds Neil for his actions. Dada ji becomes emotional and pleads with Neil to come with him, expressing how he feels insulted. Neil retorts, “You made him cry. I know you well, you don’t respect anyone, and that’s why your wife left you.” Ayaan grabs Neil by the collar and angrily questions how he dares to comment on his wife and what he knows about them. Neil confidently responds, “I know everything because your wife is staying in our house.” Janardhan is taken aback and asks if Faltu is really at their place.

The precap:
Faltu gives Dada ji the file. Kinshuk asks her to show her face. She is worried.

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