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Sahiba informs her family that Simran was raised by a single mother who passed away two years ago, so she then moved to an orphanage. Inder notices the coincidence and suspects that Simran could be the girl he is looking for. When Manveer queries about her father, Sahiba has no information on his whereabouts. She suggests Veer and Keerath take Simran to play near the pool, which they do; Inder trails behind them while they make merry. Simran seems to be enjoying herself and even enquires Keerath’s name.

Keerath introduces herself as Keerath Kaur Monga and inquires about Simran’s identity. Simran reveals that she is Simran Sachdeva, and Inder realizes that she is the person he has been looking for. Veer notices him and queries what he was doing there. Inder explains that he had mislaid his phone and is trying to find it before briskly departing from the scene. Simran then queries whether they are siblings, which Veer denies, before turning the question to her, asking who they actually are. When she guesses boyfriend and girlfriend, Veer directs Keerath to respond; Keerath clarifies that they are just good friends.

Akaal summons Sahiba and Angad, commending her for bravely risking her life to save others. Santosh affirms that she has been like this since she was a child. Japjyoth too praises her for rescuing Simran. When Sahiba proposes that they keep Simran until a proper family is found, Prabjyoth and Jasleen reprimand her for trying to turn their home into an orphanage. Sahiba insists that they keep the girl until an alternative is settled upon, at which point Simran enters and queries Angad if he will be sending her back to the orphanage.

Angad assures Japjyoth that he will keep her daughter. She responds that she has no qualms in welcoming a sweet little one into their midst and Akaal states since the Home Minister has already given his clearance, he has no objections either. Sahiba exclaims this is the best birthday gift she could ever receive from her. Simran, delighted, embraces Angad. Just then, the maid arrives with the cake and Simran asks Sahiba when they are going to cut it. Angad suggests they should wait until Sahiba changes into something special which he picked out for her. Sahiba protests saying she looks fine in what she is wearing but he insists she looks even better in his choice of outfit.

As Sahiba walks into her room, she asks Angad what is wrong with her dress. The nok jhok begins. Angad presents her with a beautiful gown and asks her to wear it. Sahiba remembers yesterday’s argument with Angad and refuses to wear it. The nok jhok continues. He says he worked hard to make her birthday special. She says it does not meet her expectations.

In response, he says he will cancel her birthday party and ask her family to eat and sleep. She replies that everything is fair in war and … Angad asks what? They look into each other’s eyes. A romantic song plays in the background. Angad feels stomach upset and runs to the bathroom. Sahiba laughs.

After looking at Seema’s photo, Inder wonders if this Simran is theirs. When Angad exits the washroom, Sahiba walks towards him wearing a sari. When Angad asks why she wore this instead of his gown, she replies that she’ll wear whatever she likes. Sahiba walks down to the washroom.

She asks where Angad is and says she looks beautiful in this sari. Angad walks toward them holding his stomach. Sahiba smiles at Sahiba as she asks if she will cut the cake now. Sahiba doesn’t like cake, so Seerat says she won’t. Simran says she will since Angad got her special pineapple flavor cake.


Angad asks what the rakhi box is about. Simran says it’s a rakhi for her brother and since she doesn’t have one, she’s collecting them. Angad asks her to tie it to him as he’s now her brother. After tying the rakhi, Simran asks for a gift from him. Sahiba tricks his father into giving birth to Simran, and Manveer asks him whether he will support his mother or wife.

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