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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in.

Mihika, worried by the situation between Ranbir and Prachi, suggests she should go and console Bhai. Ranbir is upset, pointing out that no one ever takes on Bua for her foolish rituals, yet he’s being blamed. This brings a smile of satisfaction to Vishaka’s face which is noticed by Ashok who questions her on it.

Vishaka disclosed yesterday that Akshay and Prachi are dating, consequently, she was sure that they were not deceiving us. She expressed her disapproval of the way Prachi behaved and stated she does not approve of Ranbir’s actions either. Vishaka recounted multiple occasions when she observed them squabbling. Ashok predicted that Ashok and Mihika would end up in a similar situation as before, but Vishaka firmly requested him to stop musing over the last episode. Nevertheless, a feeling of trepidation hung in the air as Ashok sensed an impending disaster is ready to come.

Prachi is dumbstruck with Akshay’s reaction – it was the first time she has seen him so angry. Mihika approaches and inquires Prachi if her brother is in a rage. She replies affirmatively while Mihika adds that the one who loves his wife would act as such and even if he doesn’t love her, the anger would be the same. She comprehends Akshay’s sentiments, noting how Ranbir failed to apologize to him despite his mistake, seemingly harbouring feelings for Prachi. With that, Mihika goes off to Akshay.

When Ranbir collides with Prachi, he asks if she is fine. Prachi asks why I will be fine in your presence? Ranbir asks why you are blaming me. Prachi asks who has filled kumkum in my maang, and she says it is of your name. She says that a lot has happened to me because of this kumkum. She tells him not to collide with her and do all this and says Akshay has never been so angry before. Ranbir inquires if Akshay was angry with you.

Prachi was in a great deal of pain, while he was wiping the kumkum from her forehead. However, no matter how much she told him, he paid no heed to her cry. Ranbir questioned if he had given her hurt and assured that nobody could misbehave with her until he himself was there. But Prachi retorted by saying that he wasn’t around and even blamed him for the fact that Khushi was with her due to this man’s behaviour. Again, Ranbir reminded her that nobody would dare cause any harm to Prachi as long as he existed. Eventually, warning Ranbir not to fight with Akshay, Prachi left the spot.

In the end, Akshay pulls his right ear and starts acting crazy.. Mihika asks him, “Bhai, what happened?” Akshay says Prachi is acting as if nothing had happened, and I love her a great deal. Ranbir filled her maang with kumkum before my eyes. Akshay says I will see Ranbir, but it is Prachi’s fault. Mihika says Bhai. Akshay says I told her everything I had in my heart and she left. He is about to leave, but Mihika stops him and says you have lost your control of yourself.

Akshay recalls his acts and tells Mihika that he doesn’t want to revert to what he had become. He expresses his fear of going back there, and states that whatever he did to Prachi was wrong, requesting her to comprehend the situation. Mihika advises him to relax and admits she too was lacking control. She stresses on the necessity of masking their irrational behavior as it is part of who they are genetically.

You have to hide this if you want Prachi and I want Ranbir. She holds his cheeks. He calms down. She says now you convince Prachi as she is upset with you. Akshay expresses his concern, saying, “Now I am afraid of my own anger; I might hurt her.” Mihika reassures him, stating, “Anyone would be upset if it were on their property.” Determined to make amends, Akshay says, “I will convince her,” and expresses gratitude to Mihika for her understanding.

Vishaka tells Mihika that her choice is excellent – Ranbir is the perfect match. Divya agrees and mentions that Akshay looks to be an okay choice. Abhay advises her against testing him. Manpreet requests Prachi to serve up the food, however, Akshay remarks that she appears to be angry with him. Mihika points out that her bhabhi is indeed worried about him. After which, Akshay follows Prachi. Manpreet then asks Ashok to make Akshay comprehend what he has done wrong and enquires if he understands what she’s implying.

Prachi spots Akshay approaching and tells him she wants to go. He pleads to converse with her, inquiring if the topic would be Kumkum again. Painfully remorseful, Akshay apologizes for his misconduct, yet Prachi denies it was acceptable. He apologizes once more but she explains that those cruel words can never be erased from her memory and the way he treated her is constantly tormenting her.

At first, Prachi didn’t understand who Akshay was when he came up to her. After apologizing and sitting down, he begged for forgiveness and she accepted. He attempted to hug her but she stopped him, and then suggested going shopping together for clothes for everyone. Ranbir interjected before they could leave, warning Prachi not to go with Akshay.


After the Kumkum incident, Akshay tells Ranbir to stay away from him. He says you still haven’t apologized to me. Ranbir says he won’t apologize and asks what will you do? Akshay raises his hand to hit him. Prachi is stunned.

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