Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Prachi’s assistant tells her that all her appointments are in today’s planner. Peon brings coffee. Prachi looks outside and sees a big box on top of the bookshelf. She sees an employee standing there talking.

As she runs to save the employee, she pushes her at the right time. She makes the employee sit on the chair and sprays on her foot. She asks the employee to take the pain killer and asks Kailash to check the CCTV footage, which shows the box on the shelf. Someone told me the Chairman was waiting for you. Prachi is a strict and soft-hearted boss who breaks office rules and lends money.

Prachi arrives in the conference hall. Chairman introduces her as the very bright senior manager to the business partner sitting there. Prachi greets the clients/business partners. She tells Chairman she had kanjak puja today, but she came well prepared. Chairman asks if work has begun. The business partner tells me that you cannot get the old lady to leave that person, so your 80 crore loan is giving me heavy losses of lakhs. The chairman says Prachi will meet with her today.

The business partner challenged Prachi by proclaiming that if she managed to oust the old lady, then he would appoint her as chairperson of his company. This made the chairman furious. Prachi placed her hand on his in an attempt to calm him down, and declared that she would not accept the position even if the man convinced the elderly woman; instead, she advised him to learn basic courtesy when speaking to females, bringing attention to the fact that his mother, wife and sisters were all female. Her words incensed the partner and finally, the chairman reminded him of his debts amounting to eighty crore rupees.

Khushi’s Maayi brings her to a house, with the greed that they will give gold coins to the girls for Kanjak puja. The lady asks her daughter to sit for the puja. Khushi sits for Kanjak puja. The lady makes Khushi get up and says your father is unknown. Khushi says she doesn’t know whose blood this is. She says her blood is red and her Maayi’s blood is also red. The servant throws them out. The diya falls down, catching fire everywhere as the fire lights up.

When the lady asks where my daughter is, Misha is behind a burning table. Khushi hears the help voice and tells her Maayi to go inside. Khushi runs in. Maayi thinks who will sell my flowers if Khushi dies. Upon entering, Khushi covers herself with the white wet cloth and walks inside saving Misha. Maayi asks Khushi to follow her.

The lady halts them and beckons Servant to bring the gold coins plate. Proffering one coin to Khushi, she instructs her to sit so that an ointment can be applied to her scorched feet. Khushi attempts refusal, yet the lady instils her insistence. Consequently, Khushi complies. Examining Khushi’s foot the woman is amazed when she spots birth mark and listens while Khushi explains its significance. Meanwhile, Prachi marvels at the moon and star pendents in the chain reminiscing Panchi – evoking a wave of emotions – tears springing to her eyes. Subsequently seeking solace, she goes off towards the elderly lady’s residence.

She asks Khushi to give her a gold coin. The gold coin is given to Khushi by Maayi. Ranbir and Aryan are in a conference room at some office when Ranbir loses the bid. He says there is something wrong and he is taking out enmity from me personally. They enter.

According to the lady, she won’t sell the house. She says she would rather remain with my husband’s memories. The employees offer double the money for the house. Prachi says I don’t want you to leave. The employee says this house must be demolished. Prachi describes her house and says it’s a home.

Ranbir promises Aryan that his house will be as good as it used to be. Prachi, leaving from work, says he is forcing me to go to Delhi, but I won’t. Her assistant asks if there is any problem there. As Ranbir waits at the signal, Panchi puts a flower on his lap and leaves. He turns to look at her, and sees her leaving. Panchi wonders if he smiled or not.

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