Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sai walks in with police. Bhavani asks what she’s doing. Virat checks Pakhi’s phone. It’s locked with a password. The family wonders what happened to Virat. Sai instructs inspector Waghmare to confiscate Pakhi’s mobile phone as soon as possible to prevent the data from being tampered with. Inspector Waghmare walks into Pakhi’s room and finds Virat reading a book on a couch peacefully.

Inspector says nothing is in Pakhi’s mobile. Sai says Virat erased all the data so they cannot reach Pakhi. Virat says Pakhi is not a fool to leave the data intact, she must have erased it before leaving. Sai with police team leaves. Virat recalls how he unlocked phone, clicked data pics, and erased data. He thinks he will not let Sai reach Pakhi. Inspector says he will send Pakhi’s mobile to the Forenic lab and try to recover data. Sai says Pakhi took his son’s passport along and may leave India soon.

After Virat’s ex-wife Sai notices CCTV footage of a bank ATM pointing at them, she says they should check that footage. Inspector says she thinks like police, since she is the ex-wife of Virat, the super cop. Inspecting apologizes to Sai and heads to ATM. Virat finds a cab aggregator’s number in Pakhi’s call log and thinks Pakhi used this service.

In a video, Sai notices a scene in which Pakhi boards a cab and asks the inspector to find the cab and its driver’s details using the number plate. As Virat threatens the taxi driver, he learns that he dropped Pakhi and Vinu at Ambakhori Quincz’s resort. Inspector informs Sai. Sai wonders what is going on in Pakhi’s head. As Virat searches for his service gun, Pakhi hides it in her purse and thinks she will use it if someone tries to steal her son from her. Virat rushes to the living room.

Bhavani asks Virat if he found any information about Pakhi and Vinu. She insists on accompanying him and says Vinu is her grandson, and she won’t let Pakhi do anything foolish again. Ninad says she should trust Virat, as her upbringing makes him never fail in his mission, so she should trust him and let him go. Virat says the situation is worse since Pakhi and Sai are at loggerheads and he is stuck between them. She should trust him and let him go.

Pakhi inquires about the number of entrances and exits at the resort. Receptionist says there are only 1. Pakhi book 2 rooms at a distance lying that her friends may visit her. Receptionist asks for her identification. She writes a fake name and says they are Chavans, not Deshpandes. The receptionist gets suspicious and asks her for ID proof right now. Pakhi bribes the receptionist and gets a room.

Sai says Pakhi tricked her last time and became a surrogate, she snatched her baby last time, but this time she will get her son back from Pakhi. She threatens her and points a gun at her. Vinu notices this and asks Pakhi why she is carrying baba’s gun. She shoots Sai and warns her not to come near her. As Virat drives again, he realizes it was all in his head. He decides to reach Pakhi before Sai reaches her.

Bhavani tells Pakhi she shouldn’t have done this foolishness, she would have supported Pakhi if she had informed her truth beforehand. Sonali says Pakhi doesn’t trust her and thinks she cannot stop Sai. Bhavani says she would have gone to any extent to keep her grandson with her. Sai is nothing to her.

Sai visits Chavan nivas with a lawyer and challenges Virat and Pakhi that she will take back their son at any cost. Bhavani refuses to let Sai take their son from the family and accepts Sai and Savi as members of the family.

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