Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

After Ashwini comforts Pakhi, Pakhi leaves Ashwini’s room. Ashwini thinks what she should do to relieve Pakhi’s pain. Sai treats Karishma and tells Virat that it is good that he informed her about Karishma at the right time. In the morning, Karishma wakes up and Sai apologizes for being late. Karishma breaks down and asks why she is apologizing.

She reveals that her baby belonged to Mohit and she was simply trying to gain Mohit’s attention by having an affair; earlier Mohit used to give importance to Sai and then Pakhi. She felt bad when her husband ignored her and gave importance to others, so she had an affair out of jealousy and burned down her own house.

She goes into a flashback where her boyfriend tries to get intimate with her and she pushes him away and says she never loved him. Virat asks her how all this happened. Karishma says she left the house in frustration. Karishma says she is pregnant with Mohit’s baby. The boyfriend says she can abort the baby and stay with him. Boyfriend angrily says she used him and now it’s her turn.

When Virat asks Karishma if her boyfriend harmed her after that, she says she slapped him and threatened that if he touched her, her brother, a DCP, would punish him. In response to Virat’s question, Karishma says she felt guilty and thought that her in-laws and parents would not accept her. As a result, she collapsed, luckily Virat walked in after she kept a door open. Otherwise, she doesn’t know what happened.

When Vinu tries to cheer Pakhi up, he feeds her food. Pakhi asks him not to bother her. When Vinu was lost in mela and a kidnapper kidnapped him, Pakhi risked her life and protected him; he realized then that she is his true mamma, and he does not want her to fall ill again and get hospitalized because he cannot live without him. Karishma should not return to Chavan nivas because Chavans will humiliate and question her about her baby. There will be more problems between Mohit and Karishma; Karishma lost her baby and needs emotional support from Sai.

They have lost yet another member of their family, according to Viat, who says their family is ill-fated. Virat asks Sai if he will sit with her for Vinu’s punya tithi pooja since she lost Vinu this month. She cries that she must perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja instead of celebrating his birthday even this time.

Virat drops his water glass in shock and asks why they should perform this pooja. Sai says they need to perform it for the peace of their son’s soul. Virat refuses and says even she shouldn’t perform it and forget the loss.

Sai wonders why he is acting this way. He walks to his home temple and prays to God not to let any disaster happen to his son and to give him a long happy life. He says he has no choice but to lie to Sai, he cannot perform his live son’s punya tithi, and he cannot perform his father’s punya tithi. From behind, Sai watches him.

Sai sees Virat laughing with Vinu and thinks Virat is hiding her son’s truth, she doesn’t know where her son is and she will find him as soon as she gets Virat’s information, and that day will be tough for Virat.

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