Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

He tells his goon to tie their hands and feet and rams the car into them. Prachi says you have a misunderstanding, we’re here looking for Balbira. Veera asks why did you call the police? As Prachi says, her daughter is kidnapped, I went there to complain to the police about Balbira. The police found Balbir’s car. Veera doesn’t believe her and asks his goon to tie them. If anyone moves, he tells him to shoot.

Veera sits in his car and revs the engine, about to race forward when Ranbir pulls up in his car. He jumps out, confronting Prachi and asking what she is doing there. She tells him to free the three ladies first, which he does. Laali then reveals that Khushi was kidnapped and they had gone to Veera for help. Prachi informs Ranbir that she did not tell him because there was no time but now it’s time for them to leave.

They are being shot at by Veera and his goon. When Prachi asks, do you know where Khushi is? Ranbir says that if I had known, I would have gone there. Veera says that all of you are with the police. He apologizes and says he’s a poor man. He then throws sand in their eyes and asks Prachi and the others to sit. In front of Veera and his goon, Ranbir throws sand in their eyes and drives off. Veera and his friend find their car keys missing.

In the call, Rhea tells Akshay that Prachi’s call is connected. Veera picks up. Rhea tells him to call her sister. Veera says she won’t live long because she betrayed me. Akshay asks where you are and asks him not to harm Prachi.

Hea and Akshay sit in the car. Veera asks Akshay to walk and says he won’t leave Prachi.

Balbira shows Khushi a photo and asks the broker to sell her. The guy says delivery will be done in two hours. Balbira wants 15 lakhs, the guy says 10 lakhs and says if he bargains, he will lower the amount. Balbira fixes the deal for 10 lakhs. Khushi asks Shakti and Tiger if they are helpless to kidnap her. Shakti says she is innocent, we have done bad to her, so she is saying that way. She asks him to leave her with her Maayi.

As they laugh, they ask her to sit down. The lady comes and says she’s small, she’ll listen to you, so don’t make fun of her. They say sorry, Amma. She holds the lady’s hand and makes her sit. Khushi asks her to let her go. The lady says kids are good hearts and tells her not to think that the world is perfect. She asks them to go to the pool where Balbira called them.

As Shakti asks what to do with this girl, the lady tells her to lock her in a room. The lady says that she is Kaatiyani, who is blind but has a strong sense of smell. They take her to the room. Shakti and Tiger leave there. Khushi becomes tense. Ranbir asks if you’re okay. Laali and Bindi’s mother says so. Ranbir asks Prachi why she didn’t call me. She tells Akshay she can’t call you. He says you called Akshay, but not me.

Prachi says she saw Khushi’s kidnapping and quickly filed a complaint at the police station. Ranbir then mentions that Balbira had tried to kidnap her the prior night, suggesting that he might be involved. He proceeds to reveal that Khushi had called him, explaining how he had met her earlier and provided a spare phone due to hers being broken.

Laali asks them what their relationship is. Prachi asks him to drive properly. Ranbir says I must reach Rhea as she knows where the haveli is.

Prachi inquires about the haveli located close to the railway station and warns him to take a left. On nearing the woman, Khushi surveys her surroundings, but Kaatiyani is unmoving. She tentatively attempts to leave, yet Kaatiyani grasps her with her walking stick. Khushi wonders how she even made out her presence. Kaatiyani discloses that it was the sound that gave her away. No matter where Khushi goes, Kaatiyani trails her. She enters the hall and Kaatiyani gives an amused laugh, before covering Khushi with a sofa throw which she had picked up. When Khushi manages to free herself, she again beholds Kaatiyani before her.

Khushi jumps and runs out of the Haveli, but Kaatiyani pushes the sofa near her and comes in front of her again. Kaatiyani asks where she will go next. Khushi comes out of the Haveli and wonders where she is going.

Kaatiyani takes Khushi somewhere unconscious and warns Balbira that she could be in trouble if awake. Prachi comes and asks Kaatiyani if she saw a girl. Kaatiyani asks if she is your daughter.

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