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Sahiba inquired if Simran was by herself and then revealed she was alone as well. When she asked why Simran pilfered the samosa, Simran replied that she enjoyed it and had not enough money. Sahiba declared it is unacceptable to take something without permission. She then probed for Simran’s name and was told it was ‘Simran Sachdeva’. Sahiba remarked with surprise if Simran imagined her to be a magician!

Keerat calls Sahiba and she informs him that she has located the tattoo artist. He asks her to send over the address, telling her he won’t rest until he finds the girl. She then relays that the artist refused to give away any information. Keerat is angered and insists on hitting him. Sahiba stresses that violence isn’t an answer to their problem. Simran enquires what was going on, so Sahiba briefly explains their situation without going into too much detail. Suddenly, it all clicks for Simran; she encourages Sahiba to close her eyes and visualize the puzzle pieces. Sahiba shuts her eyes and gets flashes of the girl and a poster of a tattoo they both share in common; By using Social media, she identifies the culprit is-the girl who falsely used her identity and made a fake video. Determined to expose her, Simran supports Sahiba’s decision firmly as Warden arrives on the scene-Sahiba insists everything is alright but decides to give Warden a contact number just in case something else arises. As Simran moves away, visions of her mother come into view as she recalls how much she misses her departed parent.

Sahiba calls Veer and says she might escape if I message her. Keerat says Veer will call her and let her know he wants to sign her as a model for Brar Jewellers. Veer says the idea seems great. Sahiba asks Sara to tell Garry about it. Veer says I’ll ask my friend to contact her. Sahiba says no problem.

Sara gets the message and is overjoyed, replying that she wants to be the model. Veer gives her address to Sahiba, saying that she has now responded. Keerat cautions him not to court anyone in this manner. When Sara opens the door, Veer tells her they have found the perfect face for their collection and that she is out of this world. He invites her inside, mentioning that they must wait for the boss who will bring the signing amount. Seeing their arrival, the boss has come as well. Sara panics, claiming to not want any part in modelling. Sahiba asks if there’s been a mistake or something wrong done and questions why there would be worry. Sara takes a few steps back, intending on making a phone call but Sahiba stops her wondering if Garry had anything to do with this charade. Denying any knowledge of this person, Sarah then said she saw her twin sister in a parking area earlier on.

The woman says you have taken off the ring, but your tattoo has brought us here. She says you have to do as I say, or else I’ll call the police to arrest my daar ji.

Garry demands to know if Sara is drunk after handing her his wife’s jewellery and cash. He tells her that she must flee the country, but reassures her nothing bad will happen as he will stand by her. Sara points out that Garry is married, prompting him to explain that it was merely a ploy to gain entry into Brar Mansion. In comes Sahiba who has learned of the deceitful plan and reprimands Garry for making her false video and getting Daar ji arrested. She then asks why he did it when Garry gets ready to hit her with a stick. Fortunately, Angad intervenes and pulls him away while scolding him for causing Daar ji’s imprisonment and having them all doubt Sahiba. Angad slaps him before pushing him away and inquiring about Sahiba’s well-being. Obvious angered, Garry takes off while Sahiba stresses the need to trail him down.

Garry finds himself at Brar Mansion and Akaal enquires the reason for summoning them there. Angad brings Sahiba along and Manveer questions why he held her hand, perplexed if Garry had gone mad. Garry insists that they are a perfect couple meant by God and Inder retorts about Sahiba ruining their family’s respect, proposing that she should be divorced. He further remarks there is something missing in this picture, provoking Seerat to ask what it might be. Garry then pushes Seerat on Angad and exclaims that now it is the ideal image of husband, wife and their third partner. Shocked at his misbehaviour, Akaal voices his disapproval stating each time he thought Garry couldn’t stoop lower but he proved him wrong again. And advising Angad to feel ashamed of himself for having an inappropriate relationship with his own wife.


Sahiba firmly instructs Garry not to utter a word with his filthy tongue. She asserts that Angad has never looked at Seerat with such intentions, and she trusts him wholeheartedly. Akaal is taken aback by this revelation, and Sahiba further informs him that Garry was the one responsible for sending him to jail. She reveals that Garry filed a false complaint against him.

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