Faltu 2nd January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Everyone is shocked when Tanisha says Faltu has run away from the police station. She makes everyone proud by her sensibility. Harsh gets a call. He says Faltu is on his way. It’s strange that she ran away, inspector said Faltu cannot see. Ayaan and everyone are surprised. Faltu cries for help. She remembers Charan. She says please come dad, I need you.

I’m shocked too, Ayaan asks. Harsh says I’m as shocked. Ayaan says she was with me in the temple a few hours ago; how could she have lost her sight so suddenly? Janardhan says maybe the inspector got another inspector. Harsh says the inspector said her name was Faltu Singh. Ayaan says there’s a lot of confusion, I’ll go check it out.

The man sees Faltu and stops the car. He asks if you need any help, don’t worry, I was traveling with family, I can drop you off. Faltu remembers Ayaan’s words. He asks her to come with him. A girl comes and scolds the man and asks him to leave. He leaves. She thanks him. The girl asks where your husband is. Sid says she is strange, I find it a big lie. Ayaan says to keep your expert opinion to yourself.

Kanika says you are like my son and I am like your mother, so I think good for you. Govind asks Harsh to call the police again. Sid says he doesn’t want anyone to misuse our name. Ayaan shouts at him, saying he knows Faltu is innocent. Kanika says you and Ayaan are innocent, Faltu is taking advantage of this. Ayaan shouts enough. Faltu asks Mallika why she left her marriage and came here.

Mallika’s friend doesn’t believe Faltu. She says we’ll go. Mallika says we should help her. A guy comes and asks what’s going on, is she joining us. Mallika says yes, she is worried, she wants to go to the hospital. Faltu thanks her. Mallika asks what are you doing here, give us your husband’s number, we will contact him. He gets angry at Ayaan for lying. Faltu says he doesn’t know where he is. She thinks of Ayaan. Janardhan scolds Ayaan. Savita says calm down. He says don’t interrupt, Savita.

This is wrong, you don’t care about Tanisha, she is your wife. You have to understand your priorities; he asks Harsh to put an end to this matter once and for all. Upon reaching the railway station, Charan checks his missed calls. Pratap confirms that he also received a call from this same number. The inspector calls Charan and asks if he is Faltu’s dad. Charan replies that he is.

As she tells him everything, Charan and Pratap are shocked. He says the police and Mittal family are looking for her and to call us if she calls. Charan says she lost her sight.

Pratap says don’t worry, have water. Faltu worries and prays. Mallika asks if you have anyone with you. Faltu says no. Faltu asks her to call Charan, since she doesn’t have her phone. The girl calls Charan. Faltu talks with Charan. I got a call from the police station about your eyesight, I learned that you lost it. She says I can’t see anything, and I’ll tell you everything, so don’t tell anyone about me.

The girl tells the address to her dad. Mallika says good, your dad is coming. Faltu thanks her for helping, she was scared. We will leave now. Charan says she lost her eyesight, we have to reach her. She asked us not to call Ayaan. Come with me.


Seeing the sindoor, Faltu misunderstands Ayaan and scolds her for marrying Pappi.

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