Mehndi Wala Ghar 23rd January 2024 Written Episode: Mauli Faces Life’s Trials, Manoj’s Heartfelt Journey Unfolds!

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Dadi leading the puja ceremony and reprimanding the Halwai for being unable to make badam halwa in 10 minutes. She asserts that she will make it herself and declines her son’s offer to send Jyoti to assist her, stating that she can handle it independently. In just nine minutes, she successfully makes laddoos and scolds the Halwai again. He pleads for another chance, but Dadi refuses, noting that his mistake may become a habit if she pardons him once. Meanwhile, Mauli is shown in Ujjain, where she confides in Neha about feeling like an orphan after her parents’ passing. She expresses her happiness at finally having a family now. Neha advises her not to cry too much.

Manas’ mom asks him to come and get pictures taken. He says 2 minutes. He talks to someone on the phone. Mauli goes to Manas’ dad Manoj and asks him to remember to take medicine on my wedding day. She gives him medicines. He says you’ve done so much for me so far. She says you’re making me strange by saying this. He says, “Get used to calling me Papa.” She replies, “Yes, Papa.”. They smile.

“According to him, you are the perfect match for my son, even though he is useless. Please leave now.” She hands him the envelopes before departing. Manoj becomes emotional and reminisces about his sister’s wedding. Manas declares that he has decided to call off the marriage as Aashna has reentered his life, and he loves her. He tells Mauli that he is going to her instead. Seeing Mauli cry, Manoj arrives there and rebukes Manas. He reminds Manas that it was his idea for Mauli to agree to marry him. However, Manas argues back, stating that his father forced him into this marriage and that now that Aashna is back, he will go to her. His mother advises him to think calmly before making a decision. But Manas insists on not putting himself through any more agony.

In response to Manoj’s statement, Manas says I won’t stay in touch with you. He says fine, stay with your daughter. I’ll handle myself. Manas leaves. Manoj says it gets harder to return to the house if you leave it once. His wife argues. Manoj remembers leaving the house. He faints. Papa shouts.

Dadi offers her prayers at home while Mauli admits Manoj to the hospital. Overwhelmed with emotions, she is sobbing as Manoj’s wife encourages her to be strong. Reminding her of how Manoj cared for her and helped her become a doctor, his wife urges Mauli to return the favor and take care of him now. She also mentions how Mauli married Manas on Manoj’s advice, but he left her on their wedding night without even touching her. In an attempt to downplay the situation, she warns Mauli that making a big deal of it could hinder Manoj’s recovery. Determined to keep a positive attitude, Mauli reassures them they will only see her smile. As she looks over Manoj’s reports, she realizes that he needs heart surgery, and it is now both her duty as his daughter and as a doctor to take care of him. With this responsibility in mind, Manoj’s wife leaves.

Manoj recalls Dadi’s words and smiles. Mauli looks at him. She sees her mehendi and cries. The staff talks about her. Mauli gets a letter. Manoj opens eyes and holds her hand. She says Papa.

After 5 days, Mauli says Manoj is better and will get discharged today. It’s good news for you, you’re getting a big job, it’s your dream job. I know your personal life’s a mess, but can you handle it? I have lost my existence, so I must work here. He says well, once you sign the contract, you can’t work anywhere else, you can’t break the contract. Sign it when you’re fully prepared and think. She signs it.

She says my dream is being fulfilled, and I won’t step back. He says welcome, congratulations. She thanks him. She goes to Manoj and says you were smiling during the operation. She shows the mehendi leaf. He says it belongs to my childhood, my mehendi wali house. Her brothers Anuj and Vijay were perfect, as were my Bhabhis Swara and Tanvi, and our only sister, Manisha, was exceptional.

He shares about his family, admitting he’s unsure of their well-being. Bade Papa then urges Nanhe to look at Manas’ wedding photograph, but Nanhe declines, citing his lack of interest. Bade Papa clarifies it’s not just any picture but the one from his son’s marriage. Nanhe confesses that he doesn’t have as big a heart as Bade Papa and didn’t think twice before disrespecting Janki. Manoj commends Janki and asks Mauli to read a letter, which she does with a smile. Meanwhile, Akshay only searches for the courier receipt to see it fly away. Luckily, Janki retrieves it. Realizing his mistake is the cause of all this chaos, Manoj suggests going home and apologizing to Janki, asking Mauli if she’ll join them. However, Mauli remembers the contract and hesitates.


Dadi says if Manoj comes, then he will get insulted. Manoj lands in Ujjain. He smiles.

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