Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad Protects Sahiba


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Veer scolds Seerat for failing to administer Sahiba a last dose of hypnotic powder. Veer asks if Garry saw the packet, but Seerat says no. Veer says they need to get Angad out of the house and drug Sahiba. After returning to his room, Angad asks who is in the family when nobody enters or leaves the house. The following day, Angad brings Sahiba for breakfast. Manveer comments that the drama queen has arrived.

He hides his butter knife. A maid serves Sahiba paratha. Angad asks her to serve the packaged food he ordered for Sahiba. Sahiba says she is not hungry. As she needs medicine, Angad advises her to have at least fruits. Manveer asks why Sahiba cannot eat the food they are eating. He says the doctor ordered her to follow a specific diet, so he ordered it from outside.

She informs her family that Simran will perform a Ramayan play at her school today, and Manveer says she cannot attend. She says she was kidnapped last time in real life, but this time, she will be kidnapped in drama, and she wants everyone to attend. As a result of getting Simran kidnapped by her goons and the events that followed, Manveer agrees to participate in the play.

Simran requests Sahiba to attend. Sahiba agrees. Manveer says Sahiba will ruin the children’s play and cause drama, so she shouldn’t attend. Angad says he will check with the doctor if Sahiba can attend. Seerat finds a chance and advises Sahiba to stay home.

Seeing the gold deer missing makes Simran tense. Seerat walks to her and asks what happened. Simran says her golden deer is missing and essential to her play. Seerat suggests she ask Angad and Sahiba to get her a new deer. She agrees and walks to Angad. Angad goes in search of the deer.

In the evening, everyone prepares for the function. Veer drops powder in a heater and says that she will end her story forever once the powder mixes with air and Sahiba inhales it. Sahiba thinks she will come with Angad. Jasleen and Garry will stay back with Sahiba until then. Sahiba asks them to go with her family as she needs to prepare. Veer and Seerat grin.

Angad buys a deer and calls Sahiba, saying he will be home in 30 minutes. Sahiba informs Angad that all the family has left. Angad should give the deer to Simran first and then come and pick her up. Angad does this. Sahiba prepares for the play.

Seerat starts a heater. Sahiba feels thirsty and drinks water from a packed bottle. She still feels uneasy and sits on a sofa. Angad stops at a signal. She tries to sell him flowers. He imagines Sahiba in them and buys them in the hope that Sahiba’s mood will be lifted.


Sahiba asks what Angad is talking about. He tells Seerat that he knows she still loves him, and if so, they can forget the past and marry. Angad asks Seerat if she wants to hear this, drags her out of the house, and closes the door. Seerat says he shouldn’t have taken the curse of a woman deprived of love.

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