Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th May 2023 Written Update


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Sahiba says they congratulate people if they work hard and achieve success, but Garry got a reward without any effort. Garry says Sahiba’s hard work to stop his alliance failed. In response, Garry says he will take care of Seerat more than Seerat since she and Angad are his well-wishers. Jasleen walks up to Garry and asks him not to bother her again. Sahiba hopes Garry doesn’t betray Jasleen again.

Sahiba walks to Akaal. Akaal asks her and Angad to take care of Garry and Seerat’s wedding arrangements. Angad accepts the order and looks at Sahiba. Sahiba agrees. Though Garry and Seerat’s marriage is on Angad’s suggestion, Akaal expects Sahiba to respect the elders’ wishes. Sahiba agrees.

Angad and Sahiba go to the gurudwara and ask if the wedding will happen today. Santosh also visits the gurudwara with Taiji and says finally Seerat’s wedding will take place after so many hurdles. Santosh is asked if his prediction came true or not by a saint who had predicted it earlier. He gets excited seeing him and touches his feet. She asks about her daughter’s future. Sahiba prays to Babaji to help her clear her parents’ loan. Angad prays that the marriage will occur peacefully.

A saint warns Santosh not to mix fire and ghee because otherwise everything will be destroyed. Santosh becomes tense and wonders what he is supposed to do. Taiji says perhaps he meant Sahiba and Angad’s relationship would be at risk if Garry and Seerat got married, so they should cancel it. Seerat’s marriage to Garry will happen for sure, according to Greedy Santosh. Sahiba has the maturity to handle it.

Manveer asks Akaal to stop this marriage since she never disapproved of Angad’s decisions, but she is unhappy with this one. Sahiba returns home with Angad. Jasleen asks if she is still angry at Garry and if she doesn’t want him back home. Manveer says this is the real reason. Angad interrupts and says if they forgot today is the wedding. Prabjyoth says she has not chosen her lehenga yet. Jasleen says she will help her.

Sahiba tells Manveer that even she doesn’t want this marriage to happen and he requests her to stop it. Inder says their pleas are ignored in this house, so raising their voices would be pointless. Sahiba says Japjyoth should let his wedding happen even though she knows Sahiba does not want it to happen.

Santosh selects a lehenga for Seerat and says her wedding will finally take place. Seerat says it is already late. Keerat warns Santosh to stop her greedy behaviour and ruin Seerat’s life. Santosh scolds her and shuts her mouth. Seerat is Angad’s first love, so Manveer warns Inder she worries about him.

Angad is also concerned about Sahiba. Sahiba calls Kulcha and asks him to ask the client about the contract. Santosh tells Seerat that she hasn’t had to use any tricks this time to convince Brars, as they came with the alliance themselves. Ajith enters and asks Seerat to take a closer look at this house since they won’t be staying here after tonight. Santosh asks what happened. Ajith informs that Chawla gave them until 2 p.m. to vacate this house.

Sahiba told him to seek some time from Chawla. Ajith says he refused. Kulcha calls Sahiba and says the client refused to give her an order because she is now a Brar Bahu. Keerat calls her and informs her that Chawla has given her an ultimatum to leave the house by 2 p.m. Angad listens to her conversation.

Seerat performs wedding pheras with Garry, recalling Angad’s promise. Angad remembers his and Sahiba’s wedding.

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