Anupama 26th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 26th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama advises Pakhi that no one, including her husband, has the right to touch her without her consent. Pakhi acknowledges this as a personal issue. Anupama reminds Pakhi of the difficult circumstances women used to face in the past, but she is lucky to have a supportive family. Pakhi angrily asks Anupama to stop influencing her against Adhik and questions why she can forgive Anuj but not give Adhik another chance. Anupama responds that it is up to Pakhi and reminds her that she will always have her mother’s support. She also mentions that seeing Romil and Pakhi’s bond made her happy. Pakhi admits that Romil may not be as bad as people say. Anupama adds that Romil has become like a younger brother to her and prays for God’s protection for Pakhi.

Her eyes are burning and she has a headache after returning home from work. Hasmukh asks Kinjal if she is experiencing these symptoms. Hasmukh says it is definitely viral and has spread throughout the entire country. Leela instructs Kinjal to rest and not go near Pari. Kinjal asks how she will take care of Pari then. Hasmukh says they are all there to help. Kinjal says one realizes how important family support is when they fall ill and go to her room. Dimpy thinks Leela is going to feel the burn when she works alone now.

Anuj takes a leisurely stroll through the garden with Anu, speaking sweetly to her. Anu asks to have a conversation and mentions that she spoke with Sweety. Anuj responds by saying that he also spoke with Romil. Anupama notes that things seem to be returning to normal. Anuj reassures her that they will get through it together. He reminds her of the day when she serenaded him with her beautiful singing voice and they both join in singing the song “Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Mein…”

Anupama rushes to Shah house and tries to comfort Pari. Dimpy watches silently. Anupama to involve Dimpy to pay attention to Kinjal and ignore Pari. Dimpy asks if they can’t see Pari crying. Anupama asks if they can’t see what they’re doing. Anupama comforts Pari and picks her up. Leela says that children act as a link between elders. She asks Leela to return home now that the situation is under control. Dimpy comforts Pari. Leela assures Hasmukh that Dimpy will never harm Pari.

As Barkha enters the kitchen where Romil is already present, she makes a sly remark about people who think they can take over someone else’s home and act as if it’s their own father’s. In response, Romil kindly offers her some almonds, teasingly stating that they will help sharpen her memory. Not understanding his meaning, Barkha asks for clarification. Romil points out that her previous statement could easily apply to her situation as she is currently residing in her husband’s brother’s home as if it were her own father’s. And when it comes to judging morals, he suggests she take a look at her own brother who has a history of domestic violence towards his wife. With such an example of morality in her family, he feels qualified to comment on hers.

She angrily tries to punch him. Then Anupama enters and holds her hand and asks her how she can abuse such a small child physically. Barkha claims Romil verbally abused her. Anupama says she heard and saw it all. As she and Anuj are tired of dealing with their issues on a daily basis, she warns Barkha to stop bickering.

Barkha repeatedly plays the victim. Upon sending Romil to his room, Anupama advises Barkha that Romil is a child and she, as a mature woman, should refrain from provoking him. If Barkha disapproves of Romil’s behavior, Anupama suggests that she keeps her distance and focuses on her own tasks. Anupama continues to scold Barkha, warning her that if she does not stop, Anuj may have to make a difficult decision. Barkha defends herself by mentioning Adhik’s mistreatment towards her daughter. In response, Anupama expresses frustration at Barkha’s insensitivity and mentions that she only tolerates Adhik because of Pakhi; otherwise he would have been kicked out long ago.


Anupama and Vanraj rush Kavya to the hospital after she falls on her stomach during her argument with Dimpy. Kavya worries about her baby. Upon checking the ultrasound report, the doctor says that the baby is fine but.. Anuj’s car is hit by a lady. As Anupama approaches Malti Devi, she is shocked to see her in a state of mental instability.


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