Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 20th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

It begins with Pammi saying Kunal did a good job of removing Vandana from her house. Kunal is shocked when he sees Vandana. Having spent a night on the road, Vandana says he is here because his courage has broken down, he knows that something wrong has occurred, I told you I was sorry before, he really is. Bobby and Vedika feel bad. Vandana says you punish me, not my family, don’t evict them, leave them in their house. Kunal shows her the house keys. He asks her to write whatever he dictates. Pammi smiles.

Vandana sobs and puts pen to paper as Kunal instructs her to write an apology letter. He tells her that her punishment will be serving as his personal assistant at Kanak Records. Pammi inquires what this means, and Kunal responds eagerly, saying how much he wants to work there and how grateful he is for the opportunity. He reminds her that he had given her a loan of 25 lakhs for their house and she promises to repay him through installments. She expresses her gratitude towards Kunal and vows to do whatever he asks of her. After all, the house still belongs to him and she knows she has no choice but to comply with his wishes, otherwise he has the right to evict them from the property. Finally, Kunal asks if she can sign the paper, sealing their agreement.

He says you’ll get details by mail. He asks Bobby to send the copy to him and Vandana. He recalls the family and signs it. Your reporting time is 9am sharp, so don’t be late. She asks how I can come in one hour. He asks if I should cancel the offer, sorry. She says no, I will come in an hour. The keys to the house are given to her. She runs out, but he says just see what I do.

After taking the family home, Vandana flashes a smile and remarks that this house has also shed tears for them, just like they have. Anagha mentions that she needs to get Shivam ready for school and head to work. Meanwhile, Mrunal declares that she will check her social media account and hurries off to her room. Aaji expresses concern about how the family has ended up in this situation. In response, Vandana reassures her not to worry and promises to fix everything before their father returns home. Aaji reminds Vandana of how they had informed Anagha and Mrunal about the steps she took to reclaim the house, but they still don’t seem bothered as they signed away their rights. However, Vandana declares that she is willing to do anything for the sake of her family. Aaji praises her for being so devoted, which prompts Vandana to quote their saying that no task is too big or small.

As Pammi shows Kuldeep the letter, he asks why you did this. Kunal tells him he’s going to punish her, she’ll become a drama herself, I’ve learned from you how to keep enemies close, so they can be controlled. Vedika hears them. Kunal says I need to open the studio today. Bobby says we didn’t prepare anything. Kunal says relax, I’ll handle the work, dad relax. Vandana prays to Bappa before getting ready.

Once Kunal calms down, he will understand. She stops Anagha. Anagha says I have to go for job, Shivam’s exam is there, so take it or leave it, it’s up to you. Anagha leaves. As she leaves, Vandana says listen to me, I also have to leave. Shivam says he will be there. Vandana says I will drop you off, come. She receives Kunal’s message and worries about the time.


Vandana says Kunal is my shield, but I will fight the battle alone. Kunal scolds Vandana. Vijay gets angry with Kunal.

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