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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dolly requesting Chirag to take care of the task at hand, as their guests have yet to arrive. Chirag reassures her not to shed any tears. Maa then takes the bracelet and affectionately strokes Mittu’s face, commenting on his good looks despite being a thief. Suman intervenes and passionately defends Mittu, stating that he is her grandson and that the bracelet belongs to her granddaughter. Maa playfully jokes about the situation. Upon seeing Natasha, she jokingly refers to her as a thief for previously stealing a diamond ring from Dhawal, and connects the dots that this family must all be thieves.

My Dama gave me this bracelet on my 16th birthday. The chandelier falls. The light goes out. Maa calls Suman a drama. Natasha clarifies. She says I will call the police. Suman asks Natasha to take the bracelet. Natasha does, and they all run. The chandelier falls. The light goes out. Maa says look for them. Dhawal says he forgot the dance performance. Ruhi gets him ready. Natasha, Suman, and everyone come. Chirag asks Dolly not to cry.

Dolly is feeling overwhelmed by the events of the day. Hetal and Pranali have arrived, and her mother makes a sarcastic comment towards Pranali. Bhaven also joins them, and an argument breaks out between him and Pranali. Dolly’s phone rings and a man informs her that the engagement she arranged at the college fest has caused quite a stir among her fans. Dolly reprimands Chirag for not informing her about it beforehand. Her mother then questions why they spent so much money on the venue, causing disappointment for Dolly’s parents. Frustrated, her mother insists on completing the engagement that day itself. However, Chirag apologizes as he needs to take care of Dolly first. Dhawal takes the stage for his performance, which catches Suman’s attention due to his charming appearance.

Maa shouts and points towards Natasha, requesting Dhawal to retrieve the bracelet. Acting quickly, Dhawal takes the piece of jewelry and dashes away. Natasha declares her determination to catch him, while Dhawal confidently showcases his talents on stage with the song Ishq Mera Yaara… In an attempt to reclaim the bracelet, Natasha joins him on stage. However, she is ultimately successful in retrieving it from him. Upon seeing this, Maa accuses her of stealing once again. Suman instructs Shesh and Mittu to bring Natasha back. Meanwhile, Maa sends Pranali and Hetal to retrieve the bracelet from Natasha. The rest of the family also gets involved in the commotion, dancing along to Badhaiyyaan… as they fight over the bracelet.

The engagement ceremony starts at 8pm, Dolly tells me. A dance is happening here, how will I handle it. Chirag gets an idea. He says the atmosphere is different, you’ll get viral. He takes her along. Amrish attends the fest. The guest praises him for keeping the engagement at the college fest. Amrish is surprised. Natasha receives her bracelet back. She dances with her brothers. Hetal sees Amrish and stops Pranali.


Natasha meets Amrish and gives him the fest bill when Dhawal asks her to meet him.

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